Our test scoring system, ScorePak®, was created to meet complex scoring requirements (including multiple versions of the same test, multiple correct answers with a weighted point scale, and multi-step score calculations), and archive test data in a format that can be conveniently analyzed and easily exported to secondary analysis programs such as SPSS, MSAccess, MSExcel, and other programs.


Service Request (174K PDF*) ScorePak® Service Request
Service Request EZ (94K PDF*) ScorePak® Service Request, EZ version
OEA Form 76185 (442K PDF*) ScorePak® Key Sheet
OEA Form 1158 (165K PDF*) ScorePak® Standard Answer Sheet
NCS Form 4521 (119K PDF*) 200-item, five-choice, answer only
NCS Form 6703 (163K PDF*) 120-item, ten-choice, answer only

Special Features

Following are some of the features that make ScorePak® especially easy and convenient to use.

Fast Turn-around

ScorePak® offers 24-hour turn-around for standard scoring jobs, with special rates for 3-hour Express Service.

UW Canvas & Catalyst GradeBook Imports

ScorePak® score files can be imported directly into either UW Canvas Gradebook or Catalyst GradeBook.

We provide two score file formats: 1) an Excel file for UW Catalyst Gradebook and
2) a CSV file for Canvas Gradebook.

Canvas Gradebook Upload

Upload scores

Bookkeeping Accounts

A bookkeeping account allows the maintenance and manipulation of exam scores throughout the academic quarter. Clients may use this file to store exams, quizzes, homework, and extra credit scores to be used in determining a final score for each student.

Bookkeeping services can save valuable time for those classes which have multiple test versions, weighted test answers, or a large number of exams and quizzes throughout the quarter. Likewise, bookkeeping may not be as valuable if you have a small class with few tests.

Score Manipulations

ScorePak® supports a wide range of algebraic score transformations and optional weighting to assist instructors in computing course grades.

Text Output

In addition to a wide variety of standard reports, ScorePak® can produce item and score files for combination with data from other sources and further analyses.

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