Instructions for Completing Course Evaluation Forms (UW Seattle)

The course evaluation packet should contain the following:

  • Survey Cover Sheet
  • Comments Cover Sheet
  • Course evaluation forms for your class
  • Yellow comment sheets
  • Instructions

Note: The Survey Cover and Comments Cover Sheets must be returned with your course evaluations.

Step 1 - Correct the Cover Sheet

Examine the information printed on the Survey and Comments Cover Sheets and correct any errors.

Step 2 - Create Additional Items (optional)

You may wish to create additional items specific to the content and structure of your course. See Additional Items Template.

Step 3 - Administer the Forms

Choose someone other than yourself to distribute, collect, and return the forms to the Office of Educational Assessment. After reading the statement below, please leave the room while the survey is being administered.

Read the following statement to the students:

I am going to distribute course evaluation forms so you may rate the quality of this course. Your participation is voluntary, and you may omit specific items if you wish. To ensure confidentiality, do not write your name on the forms. There is a possibility your handwriting on the yellow written comment sheet will be recognizable; however, I will not see the results of this evaluation until after the quarter is over and you have received your grades. Please be sure to use a No. 2 PENCIL ONLY on the scannable form.

I have chosen ( name ) to distribute and collect the forms. When you are finished, he/she will collect the forms, put them into an envelope, and mail them to the Office of Educational Assessment. If there are no questions, I will leave the room and not return until all the questionnaires have been finished and collected. Thank you for your participation.

Step 4 - Collect and Return the Forms

The individual assigned to collect the forms should:

  • Separate the unused forms from the used forms;
  • Stack the course evaluation forms and written comment sheets separately;
  • Place the Survey Cover Sheet on top of the completed course evaluation forms, and the Comments Cover Sheet on top of the completed yellow comment sheets.
  • Insert all materials (used and unused) into the windowed envelope so the address of the Office of Educational Assessment (OEA) is visible; and
  • Return the envelope to OEA either in person, or through campus mail (not the U.S. mail).

NOTE: The U.W. President's Office has ruled that the computerized tabulation forms are subject to public inspection pursuant to the rules and procedures established by the University to comply with the Public Disclosure Act (RCW 42.17).

This ruling does not pertain to written comments. A summary of ratings for all courses will be posted on the Course Evaluation Catalog excluding quiz and lab sections taught by TAs.