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The Office of Educational Assessment manages course evaluation services for all three UW campuses.  This page describes procedures specific to UW Seattle.  For information about services at UW Bothell and Tacoma, contact oeaias@uw.edu.

Introducing IASystem

Online course evaluations were introduced at UW Seattle in autumn 2013 using the new IASystem™ web-based application.  Courses may now be evaluated either online or on paper according to the needs of faculty and departments.  Online interfaces provide faculty, administrators, and staff with access to evaluation processes and results.  Charges for evaluation services have changed: online evaluations are provided free of charge; forms and processing for paper-based evaluations are billed to departments. 

IASystem System Access

IASystem™ Online User Guides and Help

Faculty Course Evaluation Requests

    • Contact your departmental evaluation coordinator to setup an online evaluation for your course.  If you are unsure who your coordinator is, contact iasuw@uw.edu.
    • If your department does not have an evaluation coordinator, you may directly request either online or paper-based evaluations for an individual class using our online order form.

Faculty FAQ

+ When are results available and how do I access them?

+ Who can see results?

+ Can I track response rates to provide incentives or award points for participation in completing a course evaluation for my class?

+ How do I maintain a good response rate with online evaluations?

+ I am co-teaching a course; how will that effect my evaluation?

Student FAQ

+ Are results anonymous?

+ Can I have my online evaluation deleted?

+ When can my instructor see the course evaluation results?

+ I keep getting reminders to complete my course evaluations. How can I get them to stop?

+ What if I do not receive an email for my course evaluation?

+ Why did I get separate evaluations for each of my instructors in the same class?

Evaluation Coordinator FAQ

+ How can I become a departmental evaluation coordinator?

+ What if I want to request an evaluation for a course that isn't listed in IASystem?

+ How should I choose the "start" and "end" dates for an online evaluation?

+ What is the "reports available date" and can I change it?

+ Who should receive Hi/Lo, Ratings Summary or Evaluation List reports?

+ What is the Participant Report?


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IASystem™ Program Coordinator
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