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UW earthquake/volcano/tsunami experts

These are UW faculty who can comment on earthquakes, volcanoes, seismology and earthquake-triggered tsunamis. (See separate lists for experts on infrastructure and landslides.)

Earthquakes and volcanoes

Harold Tobin
Professor, Earth & Space Sciences
Director, UW-based Pacific Northwest Seismic Network
htobin@uw.edu | 206-543-6790 | Web | @Harold_Tobin | Seismology lab line: 206-680-8180
Expertise: Subduction zones, Cascadia Subduction Zone, earthquakes, “ShakeAlert” earthquake early warning system.

Paul Bodin
Research professor, Earth & Space Sciences
bodin@uw.edu | 206-616-7315 | Web
Expertise: Seismicity, seismic wave propagation and aftershock probabilities in the Pacific Northwest; earthquake sources; earthquake early warning system.

Bill Steele
Communications manager, Pacific Northwest Seismic Network
wsteele@uw.edu | 206-685-5880
Expertise: Regional earthquake, volcano and tsunami hazards, risk communication, tours of the UW seismology lab

Mouse Reusch
Regional ShakeAlert coordinator, Pacific Northwest Seismic Network
topo@uw.edu | 206-462-8874 | Web
Expertise: Pacific Northwest earthquakes, seismic risk, ShakeAlert earthquake early warning system.

Emily Roland
Assistant professor, Oceanography
eroland@uw.edu | 206-685-9617 | Web
Expertise: Marine geologist who studies the physics of seafloor faults and mega-thrust earthquakes in Cascadia and Alaska. Part of a project monitoring seismic activity on the Alaska Peninsula.

William Wilcock
Professor, Oceanography
wilcock@uw.edu | 206-543-6043 | Web
Expertise: Marine geology, monitoring seafloor earthquakes, Cascadia subduction zone.

Kenneth Creager
Professor, Earth & Space Sciences
kcc@uw.edu | 206-685-2803 | Web
Expertise: Slow slip and tremor; imaging of Earth’s mantle; a lead investigator on the Imaging Magma Under St. Helens (iMUSH) project.

Stephen Malone
Research professor emeritus, Earth & Space Sciences
smalone@uw.edu | 206-685-3811 | Web
Expertise: Regional earthquake and volcanic hazards; helped to monitor and study the first major modern eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980.

George Bergantz
Professor, Earth & Space Sciences
bergantz@uw.edu | 206-685-4972 | Web
Expertise: Volcanoes: Numerical modeling, lab experiments and field studies.


Jody Bourgeois
Professor emeritus, Earth & Space Sciences
jbourgeo@uw.edu | 206-685-2443 | Web
Expertise: Global tsunamis, history of tsunamis generated by earthquakes and asteroid impact.

Frank Gonzalez
Affiliate professor, Earth & Space Sciences
figonzal@uw.edu | 206-290-0903 | Web
Expertise: Earth motion and tsunami hazard; monitoring and prediction of tsunami risk. Former director of NOAA’s Seattle-based Center for Tsunami Research.

Brian Atwater
Affiliate professor, Earth & Space Sciences
atwater@uw.edu | 206-553-2927 | Web
Expertise: Tsunami hazards, especially from earthquakes; transoceanic tsunamis; historic tsunamis including the 1700 Cascadia earthquake.

Parker MacCready
Professor, Oceanography
pmacc@uw.edu | 206-685-9588 | Web
Expertise: Modeling and observation of coastal processes; pinpointing where and when tsunami debris might land on Washington’s shores.

Ian Miller
Coastal hazards specialist, Washington Sea Grant
immiller@uw.edu | 360-417-6460 | Web
Expertise: Based in Port Angeles. Helping coastal communities with issues including sea-level rise and tsunamis; studying historical data and current tsunami-related debris on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.

Randall LeVeque
Professor emeritus, Applied Mathematics
rjl@uw.edu | 206-685-3037 | Web
Expertise: Modeling tsunami wave hazards in the Pacific Northwest