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UW experts on the Arctic, oil drilling

Some of the UW faculty members who can talk about the Arctic and oil drilling issues:

Robert Pavia
Affiliate associate professor and lecturer, School of Marine and Environmental Affairs
Senior scientist at Genwest Systems
bobpavia@uw.edu | 425-502-5243
Expertise: Scientific aspects of oil spills, preparedness and general oil spill response issues.

Tom Leschine
Professor, School of Marine and Environmental Affairs
tml@uw.edu | 206-543-0117 | Web
Expertise: Marine policy, risk management and policy. He is the former chair of the U.S. National Research Council’s Marine Board, which oversees matters such as marine technology and accident prevention around the handling of oil at sea. Leschine just completed a sabbatical in Norway comparing U.S. and Norwegian approaches to oil development, with an emphasis on the Arctic.

Donald Hellmann
Professor, Jackson School of International Studies
hellmann@uw.edu | 206-543-4904 | Web
Expertise: Geopolitical issues. Hellman is director of the Jackson School’s International Policy Institute and a former chair of the political science department, the Japan program and the China program. He co-teaches a course on the Arctic with Vince Gallucci of the College of the Environment. A frequent consultant for government policymaking agencies, Hellmann also teaches courses in American foreign policy, Japanese politics and the international political economy of East Asia.

Rebecca Woodgate
Oceanographer, UW Applied Physics Laboratory and Associate professor, UW School of Oceanography
woodgate@apl.washington.edu | 206-221-3268 | Web
Expertise: Arctic Ocean environment, especially in the Bering Strait and Chukchi Sea. Teaching an interdisciplinary undergraduate class titled “Arctic Change.”

Jamie Morison
Polar scientist, UW Applied Physics Laboratory
morison@apl.washington.edu | 206-543-1394 | Web
Expertise: Present and future conditions in the Arctic Ocean and Chukchi Sea, sea ice and sea ice seasonality.

Jim Thomson
Oceanographer, UW Applied Physics Laboratory and Associate professor, UW Civil & Environmental Engineering
jthomson@apl.washington.edu 206-616-0858 Web
Expertise: Wave hazards in the Arctic Ocean.

Anne Goodchild
Associate professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
annegood@uw.edu | 206-543-3747 | Web
Expertise: Port terminal operations, economics of freight transportation, logistic systems.

Nadine Fabbi
Managing director, Canadian Studies Center/Arctic & International Relations, Jackson School of International Studies
nfabbi@uw.edu | 206-543-6269 | Web
Expertise: Arctic indigenous politics, Permanent Participants/Arctic Council, Inuit politics in Canada/globally

Scott L. Montgomery
Affiliate faculty, Jackson School of International Studies
scottlm@uw.edu | 206-897-1611 | Web
Expertise: Arctic and oil, oil and gas (reserves, technology, prices, politics), fracking, nuclear power, worked 25 years in the energy industry.