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UW experts on marijuana

Karen Boxx
Professor, School of Law
Office:  206-616-3856
Email: kboxx@uw.edu  Web 
Expertise:  Boxx is an expert on marijuana legalization. She is part of the UW Cannabis Law and Policy Project, which provides thought leadership on the responsible development of recreational and medical marijuana industries in Washington State and across the country.

Beatriz (Bia) Carlini
Senior research scientist, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute
Affiliate associate professor, School of Public Health
Office:  206-616-5880
Email: bia@uw.edu
Web: http://bit.ly/adaistaff_carlini
Expertise:  Carlini’s primary research interests are tobacco cessation and brief interventions for substance use disorders using technology (e.g., telephone, web, and Interactive Voice Response). Carlini has developed training programs for health care providers about smoking cessation, medicinal cannabis, and other topics. In 2016 she was appointed to coordinate ADAI’s marijuana research activities, collaborate with other marijuana researchers at the UW, and liaison with policy makers in Washington State and researchers at other universities.

Dennis Donovan
Professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, director of the UW Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute.
Office: 206-543-0937
Email: ddonovan@uw.edu
Web: http://depts.washington.edu/cfar/discover-cfar/scientific-working-groups/substance-abuse-and-hivsti/dennis-donovan
Expertise: Etiological and risk factors associated with alcohol and drug use, abuse and dependence, including marijuana; assessment of addictive behaviors; treatment-seeking behavior among substance abusers; cognitive-behavioral approaches to substance abuse and its treatment; patient-treatment matching; and relapse prevention.

Kevin Haggerty
Associate professor, School of Social Work and director of the Social Development Research Group.
Office: 206-543-3188
Email: haggerty@uw.edu
Web: http://socialwork.uw.edu/faculty/kevin-haggerty
Expertise: Haggerty studies marijuana use and youth development; prevention programs  at the community, school and family level; and the intersection of biological and environmental risks for drug abuse.

Jason Kilmer
Associate professor, Department of Psychiatry, assistant director of health and wellness for Alcohol & Other Drug Education, UW division of Student Life.
Office: 206-685-4512
Email: jkilmer@uw.edu

Expertise: Kilmer and colleagues are working with Washington’s Division of Behavioral Health & Recovery to implement the Young Adult Health Survey, surveying young adults between ages 18 to 25 in Washington state, to explore their health behaviors including marijuana use.

Christine Lee
Associate professor, psychiatry and behavioral science, Center for the Study of Health and Risk Behaviors
Office: 206-543-6574
Email: leecm@uw.edu

Expertise: Lee researches what motivates young adults to engage in high-risk behaviors such as alcohol and marijuana use, how life events and circumstances influence variation in risk of use and consequences over time, whether and how individuals learn from their prior experiences to avoid future harmful consequences, how developmental transitions and timing of events influence use and intervention and the development of effective prevention and intervention efforts. 

Sean O’Connor
Professor, School of Law
Office: 206-543-7491
Email: soconnor@uw.edu
Web: http://www.law.washington.edu/directory/profile.aspx?ID=78
Expertise: O’Connor is faculty director of the School of Law’s Cannabis Law & Policy Project, a faculty and student group drawing on resources across campus to provide leadership on the responsible development of recreational and medical marijuana industries in Washington state and across the country.

Roger Roffman
Professor emeritus, School of Social Work
Office: 206-915-6544
Email: roffman@uw.edu
Web: https://socialwork.uw.edu/faculty/roger-roffman
Expertise: Roffman researches behavioral interventions in the fields of addictive disorders and domestic violence, behavioral counseling interventions to support individuals who wish to change their behaviors, the marijuana legalization debate. He is author of the 2014 book, “Marijuana Nation: One Man’s Chronicle of America Getting High: From Vietnam to Legalization.”

William Rorabaugh
Professor, Department of History
Office: 206-543-9856
Email: rorabaug@uw.edu
Web: http://depts.washington.edu/history/people/39
Expertise: Rorabaugh studies the 1960s counterculture, alcohol and drug policy after the repeal of Prohibition in 1933, historical perspective on black markets becoming open markets.

Nephi Stella
Research associate professor, Department of Pharmacology, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Office: 206-221-5220
Email: nstella@uw.edu
Web: http://depts.washington.edu/phcol/faculty/stella.php
Expertise: Stella studies how the medicinal properties of marijuana can be improved to treat diverse neuropathologies. His lab group is researching whether cannabinoid receptors can boost the brain’s immune system against tumors and/or temper the autoimmune response associated with multiple sclerosis.

Denise Walker
Research associate professor, School of Social Work
Office: 206-543-7511
Email: ddwalker@uw.edu
Web: https://socialwork.uw.edu/faculty/professors/denise-walker
Expertise: Walker’s research focuses on the development, testing and implementation of interventions that bring about positive changes in patterns of behavior. In particular, she examines how to help people gain motivation to change risky behaviors and identifies the best ways to assist them in achieving their goals. She has expertise in the treatment of marijuana disorders among both adults and adolescents and studies the risk factors associated with marijuana use.

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