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UW experts on harmful algal blooms

Some of the researchers who can talk about the toxic algae bloom affecting the West Coast.

Anthony Odell
Research analyst, UW’s Olympic Natural Resources Center
odellamo@uw.edu | 360-593-2398
Expertise: Surveying extent of current West Coast harmful algal bloom; sampling shellfish and water quality along Washington’s outer coast; responding to bloom events on Washington’s outer coast as part of the Olympic Region Harmful Algal Blooms partnership.

Vera Trainer
Affiliate professor, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
Manager,  Harmful Algal Blooms Program at NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center
vera.l.trainer@noaa.gov | 206-860-6788 | Web
Expertise: Early detection of toxic algae blooms, impact on coastal fisheries, conditions that influence bloom development. Director of the SoundToxins program and chair of the Olympic Region Harmful Algal Blooms partnership.

Barbara Hickey
Professor, Oceanography
bhickey@uw.edu | 360-825-3911 | Web
Expertise: Coastal currents, harmful algal blooms, Columbia River freshwater plume, transport of harmful algae along the coast.

Ryan McCabe
Research scientist, Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean
rmccabe@ocean.washington.edu | 206-685-0599 | Web
Expertise: Currently leads the UW’s coastal modeling and prediction project, which includes forecasts of harmful algal blooms.

Teri King
Marine water quality specialist, Washington Sea Grant (based in Shelton, Washington)
guatemal@uw.edu | 360-432-3054 | Web
Expertise: Harmful algal bloom monitoring, shellfish/seafood safety, aquaculture, program manager for SoundToxin program. More information from Sea Grant on harmful algal blooms.

Jan Newton
Oceanographer, UW Applied Physics Laboratory
newton@apl.washington.edu | 206-543-9152 | Web
Expertise: Ocean observing, ocean acidification and phytoplankton in Puget Sound and Pacific Northwest waters.

Evelyn Lessard
Professor, Oceanography
elessard@uw.edu | 206-543-8795 | Web
Expertise: Harmful algal bloom dynamics and prediction, biological responses to ocean change.

Virginia (Ginger) Armbrust
Professor, Oceanography
armbrust@uw.edu | 206-616-1783 | Web
Expertise: Diatom genetics, DNA-based investigations of marine microbe communities.

Daniel Grünbaum
Professor, Oceanography
random@uw.edu | 206-221-6594 | Web
Expertise: Developing low-cost sensors to detect harmful algal blooms, with funding from Washington Sea Grant.