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UW climate change experts

Some of the UW faculty who can discuss regional and global climate change. (See the separate lists for weather, wildfire and clean energy experts.)

Regional climate change:

Amy Snover
Director, UW Climate Impacts Group
aksnover@uw.edu | 206-221-0222 | Web
Expertise: Climate change effects in the Pacific Northwest. Co-authored the regional report on effects of climate change. Works with regional agencies on climate adaptation.

Eric Salathé
Associate Professor, Climate Science at UW Bothell
salathe@uw.edu | 206-616-5351 | Web
Expertise: Pacific Northwest climate change, extreme weather events

Guillaume Mauger
Research scientist, Climate Impacts Group
gmauger@uw.edu | Web | @guillaumemauger
Expertise: Pacific Northwest climate change and effects on temperature, precipitation and sea level.
Mauger is currently in France and best contacted via email.

Ian Miller
Coastal Hazard Specialist, Washington Sea Grant
immiller@uw.edu | 360-417-6460 | Web
Expertise: Coastal effects of climate change and sea-level rise in Washington state. Miller is based in Port Angeles.

Crystal Raymond
Climate Adaptation Specialist, Climate Impacts Group
206-616-4304 | clrfire@uw.edu | Web
Expertise: Climate change adaptation and impact on risk of forest fires.

Global climate change:

Dennis Hartmann
Professor, Atmospheric Sciences
dhartm@uw.edu | 206-543-7460 | Web
Expertise: Global climate change. A lead author of the 2013 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report.

Axel Schweiger
Polar scientist, UW Applied Physics Laboratory
axel@apl.washington.edu | 206-543-1312 | Web
Expertise: Sea ice volume, Arctic weather, polar science

Cecilia Bitz
Professor, Atmospheric Sciences
bitz@atmos.washington.edu | 206-543-1339 | Web
Expertise: Arctic sea ice

Ian Joughin
Glaciologist, UW Applied Physics Laboratory
ian@apl.washington.edu | 206-221-3177 | Web
Expertise: Glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica, global sea-level rise

Eric Steig
Professor, Earth and Space sciences
steig@uw.edu | 206-685-3715 | Web
Expertise: Antarctic glaciers, Antarctic ice cores, El Niño cycles

LuAnne Thompson
Professor, Oceanography and Director, UW Program on Climate Change
luanne@uw.edu | 206-543-9965 | Web
Expertise: Climate models, including impact of climate change on heat uptake and large-scale ocean currents; ocean’s role in climate change; Sea-level rise; Satellite observations of sea-level rise

David Battisti
Professor, Atmospheric Sciences
battisti@uw.edu | 206-543-2019 | Web
Expertise: Food security and climate change, geoengineering, long-term climate cycles

Dargan Frierson
Associate Professor, Atmospheric Sciences
dargan@atmos.washington.edu | 206-685-7364 | Web
Expertise: Global precipitation and climate change. Tropical regions and climate change.

Terrie Klinger
Director and professor, School of Marine and Environmental Affairs
tklinger@uw.edu | 206 685-2499 | Web
Expertise: Ocean acidification

Alex Gagnon
Assistant professor, Oceanography
gagnon@uw.edu |  206 543-5627 | Web
Expertise: Ocean acidification

Rob Wood
Professor, Atmospheric Sciences
robwood@atmos.washington.edu | 206-543-1203 | Web
Expertise: Clouds, geoengineering with clouds

Abby Swann
Assistant Professor, Atmospheric Sciences and Biology
aswann@uw.edu | 206-616-0486 | Web
Expertise: Vegetation and global climate

Climate Policy

Stephen Gardiner
Professor, Philosophy
smgard@uw.edu | 206-221-6459 | Web
Expertise: Philosophical implications of geoengineering

Nives Dolšak
Professor and associate director, School of Marine and Environmental Affairs
nives@uw.edu | 425-681-5056 | Web
Expertise: Climate governance, environmental policy, civil society, shared natural resources

Aseem Prakash
Professor, political science
Founding director, UW Center for Environmental Politics
aseem@uw.edu | 425-681-5097 | Web
Expertise: Environmental policy, climate governance, NGOs and nonprofits, and voluntary/private regulation

Climate and health:

Kristie Ebi
Professor, global health and environmental and occupational health sciences
krisebi@uw.edu | 206-543-8440 | Web
Expertise: Health risks of and responses to global change, particularly climate change.

Sara Curran
Associate professor, Jackson School of International Studies
scurran@uw.edu | 206-459-9236 | Web
Expertise: Impacts of climate change on people in the developing world.

Jeremy Hess
Associate professor, emergency medicine and environmental and occupational health sciences
jjhess@uw.edu | 206-685-3443 | Web
Expertise: Climate change health impacts, health care disaster risk management, public health adaptation to climate change, evidence-based public health, early warning systems, health effects heat exposure, health care operations.

Howard Frumkin
Professor emeritus, environmental and occupational health sciences
frumkin@uw.edu | 206-543-1144 | Web
Expertise: Climate change and health, energy policy and health, the built environment and health.

See here for a complete list of UW College of the Environment faculty who study climate change.