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UW clean energy experts

These are UW experts who can discuss renewable energy, smart grids, energy storage and integration and less-polluting transportation. (See separate lists for experts on climate change.)

Dan Schwartz
Director, UW Clean Energy Institute
Professor, Chemical Engineering
dts@uw.edu | Web
Expertise: Clean energy research, Washington Clean Energy test-beds, energy storage, accelerating global clean energy development and integration

David Ginger
Associate Director, UW Clean Energy Institute
Professor, Department of Chemistry
Washington Research Foundation Distinguished Scholar
ginger@uw.edu | 206-685-2331 | Web
Expertise: Next generation solar cells including perovskites, polymers and quantum dots; microscopic characterization of advanced materials for solar power, energy efficient lighting and energy storage materials; Graduate education programs in clean energy and STEM outreach

Hugh Hillhouse
Professor, Chemical Engineering
h2@uw.edu | 206-685-5257 | Web
Expertise: Conversion of sunlight into electricity; current solar cell technology (Silicon, CdTe, CIGS, tandems); next generation printable solar cells based on earth abundant materials and hybrid perovskites; conversion of chemical fuels into electricity

Alex Jen
Professor and Chair, Materials Science & Engineering
ajen@uw.edu | 206-543-2626 | Web
Expertise: Flexible solar cells made with roller coating and roll-to-roll printing; hybrid thin film

Daniel Kirschen
Professor, Electrical Engineering
kirschen@uw.edu | 206-543-2174 | Web
Expertise: Smart grids, integration of renewable energy, power system economics, power system security, blackouts

Christine Luscombe
Associate Professor, Materials Science & Engineering
luscombe@uw.edu | 206-616-1220 | Web
Expertise: Design and synthesis of novel organic materials (polymers and macromolecules) for solar applications and flexible electronic devices; emphasis on using less toxic and more environmentally friendly materials

Devin MacKenzie
Washington Research Foundation Innovation Professor of Clean Energy
Associate Professor, Materials Sciences & Engineering
jdmacken@uw.edu | 206-221-0309 | Web
Expertise: Scale-up and applications of printed electronics and emerging thin film electronic material such as solar materials and energy storage devices

Don MacKenzie
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
dwhm@uw.edu | 206-685-7198 | Web
Expertise: Electric vehicles, shared use transportation services, energy use in transportation sector

Brian Polagye
Director, Pacific Marine Energy Center
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
bpolagye@uw.edu | 206-543-7544 | Web
Expertise: Marine renewable energy (wave, tidal, riverine and offshore wind)