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Robert Pavia

Affiliate associate professor, School of Marine and Environmental Affairs

425-502-5243 / bobpavia@uw.edu

Pronouns: he/him

Expertise: Scientific aspects of oil spills, preparedness and general oil spill response issues

Robert Pavia is an affiliate associate professor in the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs. He teaches environmental management and disaster science to both undergraduate and graduate students in the College of the Environment, the University Honors Program and the Jackson School of International Studies. Pavia’s work focuses on the role of science in management and the use of science in preventing and mitigating adverse environmental effects of human activities. He lent scientific support during oil and hazardous chemical spills in coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, Pacific Islands, Caribbean, and Pacific and Atlantic coasts of the United States. Pavia also conducted emergency response training under the auspices of the United Nations and World Bank programs in China, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Fiji.