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In early 2011, UWNews.org and UWeek.org merged into a single website called UW Today. Then in January 2012, a totally new look was unveiled for UW Today, which was redesigned to showcase news and information about the University of Washington with an eye toward more fresh content, more links and more interactivity.

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The UW Office of News & Information writes and disseminates news releases to reporters around the world and for nearly three decades  was responsible for producing University Week, a collection of news and features. The content previously was posted on two distinct websites. N&I still produces the same content, but it is now available on a single website that is updated in real time.

A note about our archives

Old content from UWnews.org (news releases) and UWeek.org (weekly faculty-staff publication) prior to Jan. 13, 2011, can be found by using the UW Today search box in the left column of this page. If you cannot find something you are looking for, let us know. It’s possible the content has not yet been added by Google to our custom search. If you like looking at raw data, page through the old content that was migrated from the old site to the new site:

  • UW News archives: UW News content posted prior to Jan. 13, 2011. (Unformatted content)
  • UWeek archives: University Week content posted prior to Jan. 13, 2011. (Unformatted content)