Every member institution of the Action Collaborative has been asked to participate on one of four working groups. The four groups include:

  • Prevention – Initiatives to Prevent Harassment
  • Response – Responding to Harassment When It Occurs
  • Remediation – Limiting the Damage Caused by Sexual Harassment
  • Evaluation – Measuring Climate and Gauging Progress on Campus

UW is participating on the Prevention Group. Our representative to that group is Elizabeth Umphress, Associate Professor of Management. Professor Umphress has convened a UW advisory group of UW faculty, staff and students to assist and guide her work on the National Prevention Working Group.
The goals of the UW NASEM Advisory Group include:

  • Coordinate with NASEM partners by sharing best practices related to sexual harassment
  • Develop new and facilitate existing policies, programs, and initiatives to reduce sexual harassment and support survivors
  • Ensure accountability and transparency about the rate of sexual harassment at UW.

UW NASEM Advisory Group Members
Caroline Cappello, Graduate Student, Department of Biology
Butch de Castrom, Associate Dean for Diversity, School of Medicine
Jennifer Fanm, Assistant Professor, Law School, Seattle campus
Sara Gordon, Associate Dean, School of Dentistry, Seattle campus
Sharona Gordon, Associate Dean, School of Medicine, Seattle campus
Patricia Kritek, Associate Dean for Faculty Development, School of Medicine
Lauren Lichty, Associate Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, Bothell campus
Bill Mahoney, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, also Professor in School of Medicine, Seattle campus
Jennifer Mankoff, Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, Seattle campus
Lisa Schubert, Faculty at Edmonds Community College, Former UW student
Sierra Schleufer, Graduate Student, Department of Ophthalmology
Kiana Swearingen, Prevention, Education, & Communications Manager for SafeCampus
Elizabeth Umphress, Associate Professor, School of Business, UW Representative to NASEM Prevention Group