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Preventing Sexual Harassment in Higher Education

The National Academies Report on the Sexual Harassment of Women concludes that system-wide changes to the culture and climate of higher education are needed to prevent and address sexual harassment. The Action Collaborative brings together over 60 academic institutions to work toward targeted, collective action across all disciplines and among all individuals within higher education to:

  • raise awareness about sexual harassment and how it occurs, the consequences of sexual harassment, and the organizational characteristics and recommended approaches that can prevent it;
  • share and elevate evidence-based institutional policies and strategies to reduce and prevent sexual harassment;
  • contribute to setting the research agenda, and gather and apply research results across institutions; and
  • develop a standard for measuring progress toward reducing and preventing sexual harassment in higher education.

To learn more about how the Action Collaborative is involving institutions, stakeholders and those with experiences of sexual harassment, see the Statement on Participants in the Action Collaborative.

The Action Collaborative will also deal with the issue of sexual harassment in the context of other damaging behavior, including incivility, bullying, and other forms of harassment such as racial harassment. The Action Collaborative has identified four working groups: Prevention, Response, Remediation and Evaluation. Check back for information from the working groups.

From the UW president

Widespread, systemic change demands collaboration across and within institutions. The UW is committed to efforts that will make permanent and lasting changes so that summits like the NASEM Action Collaborative won’t be necessary a generation from now.
— Ana Mari Cauce, UW president


2019 Public Summit

University of Washington Community Engagement Plan

  • Embed the Action Collaborative findings and goals in ongoing/previously planned Title IX initiatives
  • Direct engagement with University leaders
  • Prevention Working Group – UW advisory team
  • Engagement with the broader UW community
  • Action Collaborative Summit

Every member of the Action Collaborative has developed an engagement plan for their institution. Check back for updates, details and opportunities to engage in UW-specific initiatives.

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University of Washington representatives

For more information or to provide input, contact one of the UW representatives to the Action Collaborative.

Valery Richardson
Title IX Coordinator

Mario Barnes
Dean of the School of Law

Elizabeth Umphress
Associate Professor of Management, Foster School of Business
Representing UW on the Prevention Working Group


NASEM Action Collaborative on Preventing Sexual Harassment in Higher Education
NASEM 2019 Public Summit
Sexual Harassment of Women: Climate, Culture, and Consequences in Academic Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine