Museology Master of Arts Program


November 21, 2019

More than Just a Novelty? Museum Visitor Interactions with 3D Printed Artifacts

Thesis by Tasia L. Williams (2017)

Who Are Art Exhibitions For?: An Investigation into Narrative Choice and Public Reaction in Art Museums

Thesis by Grace J. Rotwein (2017)

June 10, 2016

Does Music Matter to Museum Visitors?: Understanding the Effect of Music in an Exhibit on the Visitor Experience

Thesis by Briana Brenner (2016)

Looking Through Glass: Understanding Visitor Perceptions of Visible Storage Methods in Museums

Thesis by Sena Dawes (2016)

Play On: The Importance of Adult-Only Play Events at Children’s Museums

Thesis by Kelley Devon (2016)

Analyzing Visitor Perceptions of Personalization in Art Museum Interactive Technology

Thesis by Gracie Loesser (2016)

Assessing Historical Thinking at a State History Museum

Thesis by Michael Rzemien (2016)

June 12, 2015

Food For Thought: Assessing Visitor Comfort and Attitudes toward Carcass Feeding at the ABQ BioParkZoo

Thesis by Ellen Roth (2015)

Does Money Matter? Visitor Awareness and Perception of Museum Funding Models

Thesis by Elizabeth Rudrud (2015)

#SocialMedium: A Summative Evaluation

Master’s Project by Sara Strasner (2015)