Museology Master of Arts Program

Student Groups are thought of, created, and run by students in the program with the intention of building community around specific topics, ideas, and values.

Image of groups of students in the 2+1 student group at Gas Works Park, with Downtown Seattle in the background.

2+1 meet and greet event held at Gas Works Park.

Museologists for Climate Justice (MCJ)

This is the second year for Museologists for Climate Justice (MCJ), and we are an interdisciplinary organization out to understand, explore, learn, facilitate, and labor on climate and racial justice in informal natural science experiences. In the coming year we hope to approach a wide variety of issues through the lenses of educational, institutional, and direct action. 


The 2+1 Program is an optional student-led mentorship between the first – and second – year students. This partnership assists new Museology students in becoming acclimated to graduate school, UW, and Seattle.

Museologists for Dismantling Racism (MDR)

We are a student group of the University of Washington’s Museology Graduate Program, and our mission is to explore the histories and manifestations of racial equity work within and through museums in support of the greater movement for racial justice.