Museology Master of Arts Program

Deputy Manager, Race and Social Justice Initiative, City of Seattle

What inspires me
Black, brown, and Indigenous communities thriving far beyond simply surviving.

Rooted in the belief that relationships and community are central to our liberation, I am a Black woman with extensive experience in anti-racism change efforts. An accomplished race relations trainer skilled in anti-racist data and measurements, systems analysis, group facilitation, anti-racist leadership development, and policy impact analysis, I am practiced in implementing systemic change within large complex structures. I work with organizations to embed institutional practices that create sustainable change and develop infrastructure that supports conversations about systems of oppression through the lens of race. I am experienced in coaching and motivating people to build skill and create capacity in increasing their effectiveness in challenging inequity within their organizations. I wear many hats in my personal life – wife, mother, and spoken word artist, using my art as a platform to connect with community and generate discussions that imagine a world more humane, just and free.

Anti-racism and Organizational Change with a racial equity lens