Museology Master of Arts Program

The UW Coronavirus Page is the definitive source of all information on the University of Washington response to this public health crisis. This page includes links to more information about back-to-school plans as well as health and prevention.

Our response to the novel Coronavirus & COVID-19:

The Museology Program response is based on Washington state and University of Washington health and safety guidelines. We continue to center our learning experiences on three guiding principles: 

  • Student/Faculty Health and Safety
    • Student/faculty health and safety are our first priority. Following state and UW guidelines, we are currently offering all of our courses in person.
  • Learning Outcomes
    • Instructors continue to center learning outcomes in their courses and work to maximize the opportunities afforded by in-person learning. 
  • Community Building
    • In our program we believe that museums should be centered on community. We strive to build community through student organized events, quarterly student meetings, and a cozy gathering space for student to study, play games, or take a break. Externally, we connect students with local and national museum professionals through guest lectures and internship opportunities.