Museology Master of Arts Program


Our program is centered on three core beliefs:

  • Museums can make the world a better place;
  • The power of museums lies in the role they play in learning, wellbeing, community building, and social justice;
  • Museum professionals are connectors – they are storytellers, dialogue facilitators, community liaisons, designers, evaluators, researchers, project managers, and more.

Since we welcomed a new decade in 2020, the world has fundamentally changed. The global pandemic has affected all areas of society, but the inequities and vulnerabilities it exposed are not new. We believe that museums are playing and will continue to play a vital role in rebuilding our communities. Museums will look different than they do today, but at the core, they remain organizations devoted to learning, wellbeing, community building, and social justice. 

Students and faculty are leveraging their skills and understanding of learning, community engagement, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and communication to contribute to the work of museums both in the short and long term.