Museology Master of Arts Program

Why the Museology Graduate Program at the UW?

Exploration is healthy. Curiosity is encouraged. That is why we actively encourage students to try out as many different things as possible. Internships, classes, community events, research projects—all of these are great ways to explore what truly inspires you.

Our courses are problem-based. Students think creatively and collaborate to design and build exhibits, create and evaluate educational programs, write grants and care for collections. Learn more through our course highlights.

Our curriculum prepares students to work in museums as well as a broad range of other cultural organizations from parks to libraries to the symphony. We emphasize transferable skills in learning and education, evaluation, design, and nonprofit management, which means our graduates can be innovators across museums and beyond.

Since we welcomed a new decade in 2020, the world has fundamentally changed. The global pandemic has affected all areas of society, but the inequities and vulnerabilities it exposed are not new. We believe that museums are playing and will continue to play a vital role in rebuilding our communities. Museums will look different than they do today, but at the core, they remain organizations devoted to learning, wellbeing, community building, and social justice.

Students and faculty are leveraging their skills and understanding of learning, community engagement, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and communication to contribute to the work of museums both in the short and long term.