Hospital Medicine


Brian Cartin, MD
Associate Division Chief for Hospital Medicine, Seattle Children’s Hospital


The Division of Hospital Medicine consists of pediatricians who serve as attending physicians for inpatients at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Our physicians ensure that the medical team keeps in close contact with primary care physicians to coordinate inpatient and outpatient care. We provide care using a family-centered model and meet daily with parents, nurses and resident physicians to develop a plan of care and update families on the child’s condition. As hospitalists with particular expertise in caring for pediatric inpatients, division members also take a lead role in treating patients with complex medical needs, and in undertaking quality improvement projects for the inpatient medical service.

Clinical Programs

Our hospitalists are doctors who specialize in providing care to children during their stay on the general medical floors at Seattle Children’s. The program was designed to provide both continuity of care for the patient and family and continuity of instruction for the residents. Currently, there are 38 doctors in the hospitalist program who take turns being the attending physician on one or more of the general medical teams.

Training Programs

Health Services and Quality of Care Research Fellowship
Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowship



  • Andrew Rice
    Director, Division of Hospital Medicine
    Seattle Children's Hospital