Research Activities

Our research missions are:

  1. To develop new and more effective treatments for pediatric rheumatic diseases and better understand their long term outcomes.
  2. To expand and support basic science and translational research into the etiology and pathogenesis of rheumatic diseases.
  3. To encourage and enable patient participation in studies that will further the development of best treatments such that every child with an identifiable rheumatologic disease has the opportunity to participate in a research study.
  4. To develop clinical educator research and technology, improving access to care and education of physicians about pediatric rheumatic disease.

Dr. Eric Allenspach

Dr. Kristen Hayward

Dr. Kabita Nanda

Dr. Shaun Jackson

Dr. Sarah Ringold

Dr. Susan Shenoi

Dr. Yongdong Zhao

Dr. Sriharsha Grevich

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