Research Activities

Bioethics scholarship draws on the work of many disciplines including philosophy, law, and social and behavioral sciences. It uses conceptual and empirical social science approaches to evaluate the reasons and arguments used in making moral judgments.

Our goal is to address these issues with methodological rigor rather than to advocate for a particular moral or political position. Bioethics can inform regulations and policies at institutional, state and national levels.

Key topics and related questions include:

Clinical Bioethics
How should doctors respond to parents who are hesitant to vaccinate their children?

Research Bioethics
How should we include children who are wards of the state in research studies?

Global Health
How should we address ethical and social justice challenges related to global prevention of prematurity and stillbirth?

How can we improve parent and child understanding about participating in genetic research and biobanks?

Bioethics Education
How can we best teach healthcare providers about ethical issues?

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