John Nguyen

Research Assistant

John is a junior at the University of Washington, Seattle. He is currently a Molecular and Cell Biology major but is soon applying to be a Neurobiology major. John’s interest in genetics, medicine, and neuroscience has brought him to the Mefford Lab family as a new undergraduate member to learn more about the work the team does in pediatric epilepsy. Brand new to the world of research, John is learning a lot of laboratory techniques and strategies as well as research topics from lab meetings and talks. Because of this, John is really enjoying his time spent with the Mefford team and the exposure to genetic research. John is an alumnus from the UW School of Medicine’s Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (SMDEP) in 2013. John hopes to continue on into medical school after he finishes his undergraduate studies. Outside of the lab, John loves spending time with his friends or family. He also devotes time to his student community as Vice President of the UW Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (UW MAPS).