Medical Biochemical Genetics Fellowship


Mission Statement

To provide Medical Biochemical Genetics fellows with a sound academic and clinical understanding for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients with inborn errors of metabolism to become leaders in care and treatment of patients in Biochemical Genetics.

Program Overview

The University of Washington School of Medicine’s, Medical Biochemical Genetics Fellowship is based at Seattle Children’s Hospital and provides care to children and adults at Seattle Children’s Hospital and the University of Washington. Our program covers a diverse population from a large region covering five states in the Pacific Northwest. Fellows will have an opportunity to participate in clinical care and learn from patients from all areas of inborn errors of metabolism in clinic, will act as a member of the primary admitting in-patient service and hospital consultation service. Fellows will also have opportunities to participate in the vast clinical and basic science research programs at both institutions and in the clinical biochemical genetics laboratory to learn the complex interpretation of biochemical genetic testing.

During the year, fellows have an intensive exposure to inpatient and outpatient biochemical genetics and nutrition. Fellows are exposed to a wide variety of acute and chronic inborn errors of metabolism with exposure to treatment through nutritional manipulation, medications, enzyme replacement therapy, and solid organ or bone marrow transplantation. Through the year, fellows will have the opportunity to rotate in the Biochemical Genetics Laboratory. Fellows are encouraged and supported in presenting their research at national and international meetings. This training focusses on providing fellows the skills necessary to become independent academic medical biochemical geneticists.