Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Fellowship


A world in which all children with developmental and behavioral disabilities and other special health care needs achieve their full potential.


The Developmental - Behavioral Pediatrics Fellowship is a three-year program for pediatricians wanting a subspecialty focus that addresses the needs of the 1 in every 8 children and youth living with neurodevelopmental, behavioral and psychosocial impairment. Our fellowship prepares the next generation of physicians for careers that integrate diagnostic challenges, collaborative research, advocacy, long-term connections with the children and families they serve through consultation and ongoing treatment for their conditions. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be Board-eligible in the subspecialty of Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics.

Our faculty members pursue a wide variety of clinical, research and advocacy interests and serve a diverse group of patients and families. Working closely with faculty, our fellows collaborate with other internal and external fellowship programs across departments and institutions to tailor a fellowship experience that best fits their interests and future goals.

Core training principles emphasize building leadership in:

  • Family-centered care - putting families and their concerns first
  • Interdisciplinary care - building relationships among family, professionals, and community
  • Cultural competency - recognizing, respecting, and celebrating diversity
  • Health and disability - promoting health and meaningful life participation for all children

What is Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician?

Developmental-Behavioral Pediatricians evaluate, treat and manage infants, children, and adolescents with a wide range of neurodevelopmental and behavioral concerns and conditions, including challenges that affect learning, movement, general health, behavior and community access. Our fellows are active in numerous STET settings and closely collaborate through a bio-behavioral approach with faculty and trainees across other professional disciplines.

Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics focuses on:

  • understanding the complex developmental processes of infants, children, adolescents and young adults, in the context of their families and communities
  • integrating the biological, psychological, and social influences on development across the emotional, social, motor, language, and cognitive domains
  • preventing primary and secondary disorders in behavior and development
  • identifying and treating disorders of behavior and development throughout childhood and adolescence