Medical Student Program

The University of Washington School of Medicine has one of the most unique medical education programs in the nation. The program focuses on personalizing medical education for students and providing a deepening understanding of fundamental clinical skills and professionalism.

In 2019, the Department of Pediatrics was ranked 9th by U.S. News & World Report among Medical School Pediatric Departments twenty five consecutive times, and the School of Medicine was ranked #1 primary-care medical schools in the nation for 24 out of 26 years. The Department of Pediatrics and the School of Medicine are committed to providing the highest quality educational experience possible for its students.


Foundations Phase (18 months)

The Department invites medical students to complete a preceptorship in Pediatrics during their first or second year. Our Medical Student Office has a list of pediatric clinics in the Seattle area as well as specialists located at Seattle Children's Hospital.

The goals of the preceptorship include providing a mechanism for early patient contact and an opportunity to observe and practice doctor-patient communication, as well as learning about the practice of a particular specialty.

Patient Care Phase

Medical students in Pediatrics have the opportunity to do their core pediatrics rotation at one of twenty-two sites via the nationally recognized WWAMI (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho) program. Each site has unique features and provides students an opportunity to evaluate a wide variety of pediatric patients.

Every student completes the same core curricular cases, participates in observed physical examinations, completes cases on ethics and professionalism and takes a common final examination.

Pediatrics clerkship sites: click on this link

Applications for the UW MD Program

For information from on how to apply to the UW MD Program, please visit UW Medicine’s MD Program Admissions webpages.