Support Jumpstart

Jumpstart can’t operate without contributions from individuals like you. Donations to the Friends of Jumpstart Fund can be made through the UW Foundation.

Part of the Friends of Jumpstart Gift Funds for 2020 will be used to support our Quarterly Education Kits (QEKs – pronounced ‘cakes’) project, where we will be sending education kits to 250+ preschoolers in Southeast Seattle and White Center areas. QEKs will include brand new storybooks (we hope to send at least 2 books to each child every quarter), fidget tools, calming down tools, and other supplies to support learning at home during these times where families are leading the learning at home. $10 could send a kit home to 1 child!

Two children's books: Lola at the Library by Anna McQuinn, and Oonga Boonga by Frieda Wishinsky. Playdough, stickers, blank journal, bubbles, kaledoscope, and pipecleanears.

Summer 2020 Education Kits: 2 storybooks – Lola at the Library by Anna McQuinn and Oonga Boonga by Frieda Wishinsky. Kaleidoscope, blank journal, playdough, stickers, bubbles, and pipecleaners for art projects.