View and Change Computer Information

Log into the myIT pages at using your NetID credentials (netid\yournetid) and your NetID password. Logging in with Nebula credentials is no longer an option.

If you need access to the myIT pages send an e-mail to, along with a list of budget numbers, requesting administrative access.

Problems accessing the myIT pages through your browser?

It could be a result of NTLMv1 being disabled. See the links below with more information and workarounds.

For general information and workarounds:

NTLMv1 - Known Problems and Workarounds

For Mac users:

Enabling NTLMv2 on Mac OS X


If the budget you need access to is not listed, send a request to with the budget number that needs to be added.


View the list of computers on which you have administrative privileges   under "My admin privs".

Grant or remove myIT privileges for others can be found under "IT Things I Own" header. Then click "My Budgets." Click "Delete" to remove access. To grant access, enter the UW NetID, and click "Insert."

View the computers on your budget by clicking "IT Things I Own" then click "Nebula Desktop on My Budgets" link. Some of the information can be edited:

    • Computer Name
    • Department
    • Budget (editable)
    • PCA Codes for Task, Option, Project (editable)
    • Inventory Tag
    • Primary user (editable)
    • Technical Contact/Managed by (editable)
    • Warranty End
    • Last User (editable)
    • Last Login (by Last User) (editable)
    • OS Type
    • Whether system is exempt from IE Upgrades


Last modified: March 12, 2015