Recovering Files

To be available of restore, a file must have been backed up the previous evening.  We recommend you turn on the Microsoft Office AutoRecover feature in each application (Word, Excel, etc.) to maximize your chances of recovering a file lost the same day.

Self-Service File Restores

  • These files are read-only, and should be copied to your regular directory.
  • They are available at:
    • Your H: drive in I:\snapshots\(selected date)\users\(your UWNetID)
    • Your I: drive in I:\snapshots\(selected date)\groups\(your directory)

Backup schedule

  • DAILY snapshots are created daily at 7PM. Going backward from today we keep seven DAILY snapshots.
  • WEEKLY snapshots are created every Saturday at 7PM. Going backward from today we keep four WEEKLY snapshots.
  • A full copy of the previous day's files may not be available until late morning. 

Other Restores

  • If you can't find your files, we may be able to restore them from tape; send the full path name and file name(s).
  • For restores of email, please contact or call 206-221-5000.

Last modified: August 12, 2014