Information about Other Software

Optional software packages

The centralized software installation service is available as an on-demand service for departments who need to install additional software. While not all software can be packaged successfully, many software programs can be configured to use this service. If you are interested, please send email to nebula@u. After these packages have been developed, they are available for other Nebula clients as well.

Nebula Optional Software Packages
Package Name

  • MS Front Page 2003
  • MS Office Professional 2003
  • MS Office Communicator 2007
  • MS Project Professional 2007, 2010
  • MS Project Standard 2003, 2007
  • MS Visio Premium 2010
  • MS Visio Professional 2003, 2007
  • Crystal Reports v8.5 (business intelligence reporting application)
Application Development

  • Visual SourceSafe v6.0d (source control software)
  • SharePoint Designer 2007
  • Mind Manager vX5 (team collaboration and software application)
  • Visual Studio
    • MSDN (creates add-ins to Visual Studio)
    • Premium 2010 (tools to design and build distributed applications)
    • Professional 2008, 2010 (integrated development environment)
    • Team Explorer (supports version control in Visual Studio)

  • Password Safe v3.26 (for fee) (Creates secured, encrypted user name/password list)
  • Office File Format Converters (Converts Office 2003 files to Office 2007 format)
  • Exchange Configurator for Office 2007, v2.1 (Configures UW Exchange with Office 2007 already installed.)
  • BOINC Removal ()
  • CutePDF Writer v2.8 (Prints to a PDF file)
  • Express Viewer v2.1 (View Autodesk files)
  • Fastlook Plus v10 (View tech drawings (AutoCAD, Autodesk, etc))
  • GhostScript v8.15 (Raster image processor)
  • Nebula Support Request (Sends email to Nebula Support team)
  • Skype v5.0 (Internet phone calling)
  • Programmer's Workbench for ClearPath MCP v52.1 (Application development)
  • Unix Utilities v1 (Unix commands)
Database utilities

  • SQL 2008 Client Tools (pre-req: VS2008 SP1; Windows Installer v4.5)
  • SQL Server 2005
  • Oracle 10G Client Software
  • SQL v5
Terminal emulation

  • PuTTY (Telnet and SSH client)
  • SecureCRT v4.17 (SSH and terminal emulator)
  • SSH Tectia v5.1 (SH client)
Document management

  • Acrobat Pro v8.0 (for fee) (Create and edit PDF files)
  • Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro (for fee) (Create and edit PDF files)
  • TextPad v4.71 (Windows text editor)
  • InfoRapid Search & Replace v3.1f (Windows text retrieval program)
  • ICS Viewer v6 (View, complete PureEdge e-forms)

Licensing for optional software packages

The licensing for these optional software packages is not included in the Nebula Basic Windows Desktop fee, and must be purchased separately from the vendor of your choice. Software for the UW (UWare project)  or the UW Bookstore have educational pricing on many software packages.

Nebula Managed Desktop Services does not manage licensing for you of any optional software package and does not uninstall software; those remain your responsibility. Nebula Managed Desktop Services only offers a simple way of installing software. You are not authorized to install any optional software offered via the Nebula centralized software installation service for which you do not have a license.

File Transfer Programs

In the past, Tectia has been distributed to Nebula desktops as a secure file transfer client. Clients may continue to use this software but Nebula is no longer distributing it, as the UW site license for this software has expired and the software is no longer updated or supported by Tectia. Recommended replacements are described in the Secure File Transfer section, and include Win SCP (Windows) and Fugu (Mac).

Last modified: February 23, 2015