Mac Support in Nebula

The Nebula Basic Macintosh Service provides Mac computers with access to the Nebula file systems, where shared files are stored in a managed server environment that is secure, backed up, and scanned regularly. Basic support services are also provided. The rates and service details are listed below. We have also posted descriptions of the additional resources available for Mac users at the University of Washington.

Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion
Campus agreement for Apple softwareThe following software is now available under the new UW Apple licensing agreement; it is restricted to UW-owned Apple computers only:

  • Macintosh OS X 10.7 ("Lion"; requires dual-processor Intel chip!)
  • iWork 09
  • iLife 11

Additional details and information on how to acquire the software can be found on the UWare Apple Software page.


  • Older versions of AdmitMac may have networking issues if they are not updated or removed when Lion is installed. You may wish to contact us prior to installing Lion.
  • Lion is reported to handle DFS (the server connection protocol handled by AdmitMac) so AdmitMac may not be needed after update to Lion. We do have licenses for the new Lion compatible AdmitMac 6 if needed or desired.

Office 2011

There are known issues with Lion and Office 2011, but they are relatively minor and are largely documented here:

You can evaluate if they are showstoppers until the next Office 2011 update is released.

Services available: Nebula Basic Macintosh Service; UW Exchange

Macintosh Support Service
  • Licensing and Media for AdmitMac Software
  • Group File Services - H: and I: Drive
  • Power Management via BigFix
  • VPN Service
  • Use of web-based file transfer tool
  • Help Desk Support
    • UW Exchange - Basic Troubleshooting
    • Basic Printer Troubleshooting
    • File Restores via the self-service portal
  • User Account Services
    • Nebula account creation and decommissioning
    • Exchange account creation and decommissioning requests
    • Password resets
    • Basic Nebula Group Management - granting/revoking group membership
  • Hardware Repair submissions to the Computer Maintenance Group

Please send email to if you are interested in learning more, or wish to subscribe to these services.

Additional resources for Mac users

UW Technology Service Center

The Service Center is available during evenings and Sunday afternoons as well as regular daytime hours. This service can be reached at or 206-221-5000.

They answer general Mac questions on:

  • Browsers: Safari; Firefox; SeaMonkey
  • Email: Exchange / OWA; OS X Mail; Thunderbird; SeaMonkey
  • Anti-Virus: Sophos
  • Web publishing (limited to connecting to UW servers): Adobe Dreamweaver; SeaMonkey
  • File Transfer: Secure Fetch; Fugu
  • Terminal: OS X Terminal

Retail Store and the Genius Bar

The Mac retail stores and their Genius Bars provide various no-charge services for computers under warranty. You can make an appointment online to drop your computer off at either the University Village or 45th Street locations.

iPhone Support

UW Bookstore

The University Bookstore maintains a Technical Center, with Apple-certified technicians available six days a week, with no appointment necessary. They can be reached at 206-545-9474, and they can do:

  • Hardware repairs - including Warranty Services
  • RAM and hard drive upgrades

Self Service

Last modified: April 2, 2015