About ShareSpaces

Catalyst ShareSpaces helps groups of people to work collaboratively with files. With ShareSpaces, one person can set up a shared space and then make others members of the space. Members access the shared space by logging in with their UW NetID, and then they can upload and share files that they have stored on their local computer.

When you share a file in a shared space, you are making a copy of the file available to anyone who can access your shared space. Members of the shared space can access your file to download it, modify the file, and upload a new version (if permitted). ShareSpaces provides a version history that all members can view, and you can revert to a previous version, or download one.

If you do not want members of a shared space to modify your file, you should either create a space where only the file owner (the member who originally shared the file) can modify a file, or be sure to retain the original on your local computer.

In addition to ShareSpaces, there are several other file storage options available to UW faculty, staff, and students.

Last modified: November 17, 2013