Share a Tegrity Recording in Canvas

Recordings made with Tegrity can be posted in Canvas, the UW learning management system. Though Tegrity is not officially integrated with Canvas, this allows people to access recordings directly from Canvas without having to log into Tegrity.

You can insert the recording link in the Syllabus or Pages areas; doing so provides the most reliable performance across browsers. However, because many users organize their content by using Modules, this procedure instructs you how to add the recording link to a module.

The first step in this procedure requires generating a public URL of the recording; instructions for that procedure are linked to below and in the right sidebar on this page.

Follow these steps to add a link to a Tegrity recording into a Canvas course:

  1. StepsActions
  2. In Tegrity, generate a public URL for the recording. Copy the created URL. To load the Tegrity Recordings Home Page, use
  3. In a Web browser, go to Log in with your UW NetID and password.
  4. In your Canvas course, click Modules.
  5. In Modules, choose a module from those listed. (If you do not have modules, in the right sidebar, click Add a New Module and enter a name for the module.)
  6. At the bottom of the module, click Add item to module. The Add Item dialog box appears.
  7. From the menu, click Content Page.
    Add item dialog box
  8. From the choices select New Page (or an existing page that you add URLs to).
  9. Enter a name for the page in the field Page Name, and then click Add Item. The new page will appear within the module you selected.
  10. On the Course Modules page, click the page you just created.
  11. On the right sidebar, click Edit this Page.
  12. In the text editor, enter text that will link to the recording. You may want to enter the name of the recording.
  13. Highlight the text you just entered. In the text editor, click the link to URL icon. The Link to Website URL dialog box appears.
  14. Paste the recording URL or Tegrity Home Page URL into the Insert Link box.
  15. Click Insert Link.
  16. In the bottom right corner, click Save Changes.

Last modified: September 29, 2014