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Online Learning Materials

The University of Washington is a subscriber to the Microsoft IT Academy program, making an extensive collection of online learning materials available to UW students, staff and faculty. In addition, the Microsoft Digital Literacy program is also available to the UW community. The courses range from the very basics to expert to computer professional. You'll be able to:

  • Work at your own pace on your own schedule
  • Take as many courses as you want, as many times as you want
  • Earn certifications that are valued by employers

Microsoft Digital Literacy

Microsoft Digital Literacy teaches basic computer skills. It has three curriculum levels and is available to everyone without any registration. Courses are available in many languages and can be used online or downloaded to your computer.

Microsoft IT Academy

Microsoft IT Academy courses are designed to provide the best and most complete learning solutions possible, matched to the learning style and objectives of each student. Course completion will prepare students for Microsoft Office Specialist and other Certifications.

Microsoft IT Academy courses require registration and a UW course access code. See the instructions below.

Accessing Microsoft IT Academy Courses

To access a Microsoft IT Academy course, use the following steps:

  1. StepsActions
  2. Important: A Windows Live ID is needed to access Microsoft IT Academy. You may already have a Windows Live ID for personal access or a UW Windows Live account. If so, continue with the steps below. If not, click here to create a Microsoft Account.
  3. Go to the access code page below that is appropriate for you and find the access code course library you want to subscribe to. Copy down the code(s).

  4. Go to
  5. In the "Take Training" area on the right side of the page, find "Enter Access Code" and click on "Click here". If you have not signed in before, a "Sign In" page will appear.
  6. Enter your email address and your Microsoft Account password as prompted, and click "Sign in".
  7. Check the "I accept the End User License Agreement", type or paste the access code in the "Access Code" box, enter your email address into the "School E-mail" box and then click the Enter button.
  8. You should next see a "Thank You" and a list of any Microsoft IT Academy courses you have access to. Bookmark this page to simplify returning to your courses in the future. These Microsoft videos and courses work best with the Internet Explorer browser.
  9. Click on "Learning Catalog" tab, select a course you want to take (or search for more courses than those listed), and then click on the "Add to My Learning" button at the bottom of the page. You can then view, and use the courses you selected by clicking on the "My Learning" tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot access the Microsoft IT Academy.

You may not be eligible to access MS IT Academy through this program.

Current UW faculty and staff on all UW campuses are eligible for the courses.

The following categories of students are eligible for the Microsoft IT Academy at UW courses:

  • UW students who pay the Student Technology Fee
  • UW students enrolled for the current quarter (Autumn, Winter, or Spring only)
  • UW students who were enrolled for and graduated in the previous quarter
  • Professional & Continuing Education (PCE) students who pay the UW Student Technology Fee
  • UW Access program students

The following categories of students are NOT eligible for the courses:

  • Students enrolled for Summer Quarter only
  • Graduate students on leave
What is an alternative to this service if I am not eligible?

Washington State Public Libraries offer Microsoft ITAcademy access. Here is the State library page, including a map of participating libraries. In addition, the Microsoft Digital Literacy courses are available to everyone.

What Web browsers are supported when using the Microsoft IT Academy courses?

A recent version of Internet Explorer (version 7 or newer) is best. You may run into problems using other browsers. If you experience problems running the IT Academy courses in Internet Explorer, click on the "Compatibility Mode" button to see if that fixes the problem:


In addition, there are certain browser settings that may be necessary. For more information and help with problems, please see the Microsoft IT Academy Browser Information page.

How do I access my courses? I have signed up for a course but have forgotten how to access it.

Go to this URL: Then click the "Access Site" button to get to the Microsoft "My Learning" page that lists your courses. (You'll be prompted to login using your Windows Live ID and password.)

Do courses expire?

Microsoft's IT Academy service sets time limits for its courses. For the UW the time limit is 150 days from enrollment in a course. If a course expires, you will not be able to complete it.

Why am I seeing extra courses in the "My Learning" list?

The IT Academy courses come together in sets called "Libraries". The access codes are tied to the full set so you may use one access code and be enrolled in more than one IT Academy course.

Which Microsoft Account should I use?

You may use any Microsoft Account that you have. If you don't have one, you may create a Microsoft Account (if you are eligible).

How do I remove courses from the My Learning page?

That option is not available from Microsoft. If you really can't get by with the full list of courses, you could create a new Microsoft Account and start over from scratch, but you would lose records of any course work you completed.

What is the "Library" option that links single Access Codes to many courses?

Microsoft bundles some courses into what they call a Library. A Library typically includes a large number of courses on a single topic area.

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Last modified: December 31, 2013