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About HuskyTV

HuskyTV is the cable and streaming TV service for the UW Seattle campus. It offers more than 130 channels of digital TV, 72 channels of live streaming TV,  access to HBO GO and other services. HuskyTV is available to subscribers on the UW Seattle campus, including most students in Housing & Food Services (HFS) residence halls. HuskyTV also provides service to classrooms, offices, the Intramural Activities buildings, and other locations across campus. 

UW staff and departments interested in subscribing to HuskyTV, with streaming and HBO GO, should visit the UW-IT Service Catalog

HuskyTV service, including the streaming service for students is provided by HFS as a benefit to living on campus. Students who do not live in an HFS facility on campus are not currently eligible for service. 

Streaming HuskyTV With HBO GO

Streaming HuskyTV brings TV's best news, sports, education and entertainment, streamed live to your Web browser, iPad or Roku streaming player, anywhere on the Seattle campus.  Streaming HuskyTV, powered by, also offers the ability to pause, record, and play back shows with the built-in online DVR. Anyone subscribing to HuskyTV can take advantage of this new streaming service by visiting

HBO GO is included, giving you access to all HBO content, when you want it. This includes a long list of on-demand movies, documentaries, and every episode of HBO's original programming and shows. HBO GO works on Androids, Windows, Macs, PlayStation, IOS and more. Visit or download the HBO GO app on your iPhone/iPador Android device. Select University of Washington as your cable provider and login using your UW NetID.

For details on how subscribe to HuskyTV, with streaming and HBO GO, go to the UW-IT Service Catalog.

HuskyTV Channels & Guides

Find out what is on HuskyTV and find your favorite shows by using one of the following online guides or mobile apps. 

Make sure these apps are set up for HuskyTV by entering zip code 98195 and choosing HuskyTV


HuskyTV Channel Listing

HD? TV Viewing Channel Channel Name
  4.2 This TV
  5.2 Live Well
  7.2 RETRO
  9.2 KCTS 9 V-me
  9.3 KCTS 9 Create
HD 11.1 KSTW - CW
HD 13.1 KCPQ - Fox
  13.2 Accuweather
HD 16.1 KONG
  16.2 KONG
  17.1 Live Camera - Red Square Camera
  17.2 Live Picture of Lake Washington from McMahon Hall
  17.3 UWTV
  17.4 UWTV2
  17.5 DOT Traffic
  17.6 TVW
  17.7 TV5 Monde
  17.8 CCTV 4 - China Central Television News
  18.1 CTI Zhong Tian Channel
  18.2 Scola
  18.3 Classic Arts
  18.4 Deutsche Welle
  23.1 KBTC - PBS
  23.2 KZJO -Joe TV
  23.3 Once Mexico
  23.4 KUNS - Univision
  23.5 ION
  23.6 CNN
  23.7 Headline News
  23.8 MSNBC
  24.1 CNBC
  24.2 Bloomberg
  24.3 Fox News
  24.4 Fox Business
  24.5 AL Jazeera America
  24.6 CSPAN
  24.7 CSPAN 2
  24.8 ESPN 2
  25.1 ESPN News
  25.2 ESPN Classic
  25.3 ESPN Deportes
  25.4 ESPN U
  25.5 Root Sports Northwest
  25.6 Big Ten Network
  25.7 Fox Sports 1
  25.8 CBS Sports Network
  26.1 NBC Sports Network
  26.2 Fox Sports 2
  26.3 NFL Network
  26.4 MLB Network
  26.5 NBA TV
  26.6 NHL Network
  26.7 Golf Channel
  26.8 Tennis Channel
  27.1 UWTV
  27.2 Sportsman Channel
  27.3 BBC America
  27.4 TBS
  27.5 F/X
  27.6 A&E TV
  27.7 BETA
  27.8 TV One
  28.1 Animal Planet
  28.2 Comedy Central
  28.3 Audience Network
  28.4 LOGO
  28.5 Ovation TV
  28.6 tru-TV
  28.7 TV Land
  28.8 GSN
  29.1 Spike TV
  29.2 E! Entertainment
  29.3 HGTV
  29.4 Lifetime
  29.5 Bravo
  29.6 WE TV
  29.7 OWN
  29.8 Oxygen
  30.1 SOAPnet
  30.2 Syfy
  30.3 Chiller
  30.4 Cloo
  30.5 Cooking Channel
  30.6 Food Network
  30.7 The Travel Channel
  30.8 The Weather Channel
  31.1 TLC
  31.2 Discovery Fit and Health
  31.3 Investigation Discovery
  31.4 Military Channel
  31.5 Science Channel
  31.6 National Geographic
  31.7 National Geographic Wild
  31.8 History
  32.2 Destination America
  32.3 RDF TV
  32.4 Nickelodeon
  32.5 Cartoon
  32.6 Biography Channel
  32.7 MTV
  32.8 MTV2
  33.1 VH1
  33.2 VH1 Classic
  33.3 Country Music Television
  33.4 Fuse
  33.5 GMC
  33.6 Cinemax West
  33.7 More Max
  33.8 Fox Movie Channel
  34.1 Reelz Channel
  34.2 Lifetime Movie Network
  34.3 AMC
  34.4 Independent Film Channel
  34.5 HBO Signature
  34.6 HBO Family
  34.7 HBO Latino
  34.8 HBO 2
HD 49.1 ESPN
HD 50.1 PAC-12 Washington
HD 51.1 TNT
HD 52.1 USA
HD 53.1 ABC Family
HD 54.1 Discovery Channel HD
HD 55.1 HBO
HD 56.1 HBO Comedy


HuskyTV Digital Q&A

Q: What is HuskyTV Digital?

A: HuskyTV digital is a cable TV service that offers all-digital channels with better picture and sound, more channels, and more channels in HD and paves the way for some exciting new services.

Q: What are some of the highlights of the programming changes?

A: HuskyTV now offers 130 channels of news, education, and sports and entertainment, including 16 in HD. The lineup now offers 22 dedicated sports channels, including ESPN and PAC-12 Washington in HD. Other HD channels include TNT, USA, ABC Family, Discovery, two HBO channels, and the local network affiliates. There are also 11 movie channels, including 6 HBO channels, 2 Cinemax channels, 14 educational, 8 news channels and 9 channels dedicated to non-English programming in Spanish, French, German, and Chinese.

Q: Will my existing TV work with the new HuskyTV?

A: You need a TV with a digital tuner. Most TVs purchased in the last 4-5 years should work well.

Q: How can I tell if I have a digital TV that will work with HuskyTV.

A: Most wide, flat screen TVs support digital as do most TVs that were made since 2008. Most of the big, tube-style TVs do not support digital (though there are a few that support HD; those will likely work). The TV remote also has a clue as to whether your set supports digital. If the remote has a period or dash near the numbers, it is very likely to work. This is because digital channels have a decimal point in the channel number (e.g., "5.1" is a digital channel). The dash is sometimes used instead of a period on the remote control.

Q: I am still unable to receive a signal and I think I have a digital TV. What should I do?
  • Check your TV programming to ensure that you have selected a digital signal versus standard cable.
  • Re-run the channel scan/programming setup feature on your TV after ensuring digital signal reception.
  • Confirm that your TV does not have a separate connection point for digital versus standard cable signal.
Q: My TV isn't digital, so what do I do?

A: To continue to use HuskyTV after the upgrade, you will need to either purchase a digital tuner or upgrade your TV. If you have an older analog TV, it is often more cost effective to purchase a new TV (starting at $100 for a 19") versus a $125 digital tuner for your old TV.

Most digital converter boxes at places like Radio Shack or Fred Meyer will NOT work with digital cable signals. You need to have a converter that says that it supports "clear QAM", "QAM" or "unencrypted digital cable." HuskyTV has tested one made by Channel Master. There may be other converters that work and other places to buy the Channel Master, but we have not tested them.

Q: I have a TiVo and it doesn't seem to work, what should I do?

A: TiVo has notified HuskyTV that they do not fully support unencrypted digital cable in their boxes. We have notified TiVo of the new HuskyTV channel list, but they indicate that they cannot support the period in the channel guide. We have not been able to confirm this directly, but there are a lot of support questions on the Internet that indicate these types of problems. 

Q: Can I get an online guide of what is showing on HuskyTV?

A: Yes! Several online guides and mobile apps contain information about HuskyTV. Links to these guides can be found in the HuskyTV Channels and Guides section of this page.

Q: What if I still have questions?

A: Most questions should be directed to or call 206-221-5000.

HuskyTV Help

For information regarding HuskyTV or to report problems with your service, please contact the UW Technology Service Center at 206-221-5000.

For help with Streaming HuskyTV, including Philo and HBO GO, please visit .

Students experiencing problems with their cable jack, wiring or other problems in their room should first call HFS facilitates at 206-543-4017 during business hours.

Last modified: May 19, 2014