Security & Privacy

November 14, 2014

Get UW Computing Tips and More on YouTube

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A new two-minute video with tips on safeguarding your personal data and UW institutional information is now available on the UW-IT YouTube Channel. View the closed-captioned Top 12 Smart Computing Tips, created by the UW Office of the Chief Information Security Officer, for an entertaining reminder of how to keep your data safe. Note also two other videos on tech workshops and services specifically for UW students.

September 10, 2014

Public Records Act: Helpful Tips for UW Faculty and Staff

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Did you know that almost every communication is a public record? UW faculty and staff can learn more about how to handle a public records request and get a handful of other key tips on a new Public Records Act page in IT Connect. There is a link to the Washington State Public Records Act as well as to the UW Public Records and Open Meetings Office, plus other helpful information.

April 14, 2014

New Web Vulnerability: “Heartbleed”—What You Should Know

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A major Web security vulnerability named “Heartbleed” was disclosed by security researchers last Monday afternoon. It affects a large portion of websites on the Internet that use OpenSSL to encrypt Web traffic (pages that start with https), and could enable remote attackers to steal sensitive information such as passwords from a vulnerable server’s memory.

At the UW, the Weblogin servers, which handle authentication of your UW NetID passwords before you can access online services, were patched less than 24 hours after disclosure and are no longer vulnerable. Other critical servers managed by UW-IT were similarly remediated.

At this time, UW-IT staff have found no evidence that NetID passwords were successfully captured by malicious attackers. However, this is a good time to review your password habits. Here’s what you can do:

  • Change your UW NetID password if you have been re-using it for other accounts. Your UW NetID password should be different from passwords you use elsewhere.
  • Do not click links in unexpected emails that ask you to reset you password or otherwise disclose personal information.

Details for the UW community about Heartbleed, including FAQs and resources, are available on the UW Office of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) website. Please contact if you have questions.

April 9, 2014

UW CISO 2013 Annual Report on Information Security and Privacy

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The 2013 Information Security and Privacy Annual Report by the UW Office of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is now available online. Read about CISO’s work to deliver information, tools and resources about securing personal and University data, computing devices, and information systems. Check out Dubs’ Dos and Don’ts of UW Data Privacy and find out how to detect phishing threats. ­You also are invited to enter a privacy-themed caption contest for the cartoon on the inside front cover by May 1.

February 24, 2014

New UW Document Management System Initiative and Pilot

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A new centrally supported Enterprise Document Management System for the UW to digitize, store and manage electronic business documents is expected to be available by early 2015, supporting paperless workflow, increased efficiencies and cross-department collaboration, while reducing the UW’s environmental impact. The new technologies will enable secure access and improved compliance with record retention policies. A pilot phase with several collaborating departments is underway for 2014. This initiative is a partnership of Financial Management, Office of Planning & Budgeting, Office of Research, Records Management, School of Medicine, Student Life, UW Bothell and UW-IT.

December 26, 2013

Keep Laptops, Mobile Devices and Equipment Safe: Tips, Registration, Insurance

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Protect your new laptop or mobile device by registering your personal electronic equipment with UW Police to help in theft recovery, and by reading their crime prevention safety tips. The UW Office of Risk Management also provides loss control advice for laptops and mobile devices. University departments can buy low-cost coverage for owned, leased, or borrowed equipment (computer, office, audio-visual, and lab) used for UW work through Risk Management’s Equipment Insurance program.