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The question of whether or not the UW faculty chooses to unionize is perhaps the most consequential decision our faculty will ever make.

Shared governance between the faculty and the administration is essential to our mission and to our status as a world-class university. Our strong partnership with a highly effective Faculty Senate has led to significant improvements on faculty issues. We have made clear and steady progress toward creating more predictable career paths for our faculty, toward refreshing our classrooms with the technology needed for more effective teaching, and toward increasing salaries without unduly decreasing the size of our faculty or increasing teaching loads in a way that would diminish the ability of faculty to carry out the cutting-edge scholarship and research that is changing our world for the better.

Collective bargaining over such matters as evaluation, promotion and tenure would not only affect the excellence of the University but would diminish the voice of the faculty, sideline the Faculty Senate and eclipse the collaborative approach we have worked on for generations.