Clubs hold practices on- and off- campus.  See the full schedule for more information on when and where your club holds practice each quarter.

Before a Club can hold practices or tryouts in the new academic year:

  • All members must submit an online waiver.  Waivers must be signed at the beginning of each school year, as they do not carry over to the next academic year.
  • Members under the age of 18 must have a parent/legal guardian fill out a consent form, and email, fax, or turn it in to the Rec Clubs office.
  • Each Club must have at least one registered Safety Officer.
  • Clubs with Instructors/Coaches must submit the Instructor/Coach Agreement and Release.

Club members, guests, or volunteers associated with a club may not facilitate educational classes, or camps without the approval of UW Recreation. Clubs’ use of departmental facilities and property are for the expressed purpose of activity, and/or structured practice, or events. Classes related to the club activity may be proposed, vetted and adopted by UW Recreation. In such cases, those classes shall be managed, scheduled, and monitored by UW Recreation staff.

Why do I need to submit a Waiver/Agreement to participate?

If you have ever participated in an activity with the potential for risk or injury that is sponsored by any organization, you have probably signed a release form and designated an emergency contact.  The Waiver/Agreement forms seek to inform you of the potential risks before participating in the activity.  Since each club has different risks associated with it, you must fill out a separate waiver for every Club in which you are participating.

 Who can participate?

Autumn, Winter and Spring Quarter Rec Clubs Membership is open to the following:
  • Students

All University of Washington (Seattle campus) regularly admitted and currently registered students who have a valid student Husky Card and not declared ineligible through disciplinary sanctions. Students must be 16 years of age or older to participate in club activities.

Please Note: University of Washington Extension and Branch Campus students (Tacoma & Bothell) are eligible to join clubs with purchase of IMA membership. However, students of the ASUW’s Experimental College, UW Alumni Association members, and the general public are not eligible for membership.  Please also note that certain Leagues or National Governing Bodies with which our teams are affiliated, may have additional eligibility regulations that prohibit participation from members attending Branch campuses.

  • Faculty/Staff

All University of Washington faculty and staff must purchase an IMA quarterly or annual membership prior to participation. [Exception: members of clubs that use the Waterfront Activities Center (WAC) only pay the WAC facility use fee (Kayak, Rowing)].  Note: See eligibility below for faculty/staff clarification on a competitive team.

  • Spouses/Registered Domestic Partners

Can only participate in the same club as their partner upon purchase of an IMA Membership. [Exception: members of clubs that use the Waterfront Activities Center (WAC) only pay the WAC facility use fee (Kayak, Rowing)].

Summer Quarter:
  • Students with a valid summer Husky Card. Students enrolled spring quarter and not during summer quarter, may participate upon purchase of an IMA Student Summer Membership. Exception: Activities at the WAC.

Am I covered?

The University of Washington and UW Recreation do not provide accident/medical or health insurance for club members, and are not responsible for paying medical costs associated with injuries incurred through participation in voluntary club activities.

  • It is strongly recommended that all club members (for his/her own protection) have an accident/medical plan in effect prior to participating in club activities such as:
    • A private medical plan – Group Health, Uniform Medical, etc.
    • The University has resources for Health Insurance Plans for students that may be purchased at the time of class registration. Coverage is available on a quarterly or annual basis. For further information, call the Student Insurance Office at (206) 543-6202 or check their website.

Some higher-risk clubs may be required to secure accident/medical or liability insurance coverage for their members, e.g. rugby, rowing, kayaking, boxing.

  • “Some student organization events/activities, both on and off campus, may involve potential for risk. A review of current case law suggests that in addition to the student organization as a group, individual members and officers may incur liability in the event of a claim. Registered student organizations, particularly those involved in potentially hazardous activities, are encouraged to investigate the purchase of liability insurance for their club’s activities” (RSO Policy Guide).