Management of financial resources is critical to a Rec Club’s successful function.  Club officers are responsible for ensuring that club expenses do not exceed income, and that allocated money (through UW-managed Funds) are spent according to UW Recreation fiscal policies.

There are restrictions to how the University-allocated funds may be spent, but all other club revenue (fundraising, dues, donations to private club accounts) may be spent as the club leadership deems necessary, as long as it is within established policies and employs sound reasoning.

There are three ways to access University-allocated funds, for both the issued UW Recreation Club Budget and the Development Fund (donation-based account):

Purchase Request

  • An outside vendor (league, school, service-oriented business, etc.) can complete the University of Washington Supplier Registration Form, in order to become a registered vendor with the University and be paid directly by check through the UW Accounts Payable office.  Once they have filled out the Supplier form, the Club must submit a Purchase Request form to the Rec Clubs Office to initiate upfront payment.

Credit Card

  • If a vendor accepts credit card payment, the Rec Clubs office can use the department credit card to purchase equipment, or pay for services/fees.  Clubs can request a purchase of equipment or other service/fee through the Purchase Request form.  Purchases of equipment are not guaranteed, as they must still be pre-approved by the Rec Clubs Office according to available storage space.


  • If the vendor is not registered with UW and does not accept credit card, the Club will need to pay for the purchase up front, and submit a request for reimbursement.  In order to be reimbursed out of the Rec Clubs-allocated budget or Development Fund, you will need to keep and submit all original receipts (must be in electronic format), as well as the necessary Reimbursement Request form.  The receipt must contain the club name, as well as the name of an individual officer to be reimbursed (preferably the president, vice president or treasurer).
  • In the case of equipment purchase, reimbursements will not be issued if the Rec Clubs office has not pre-approved the order before club purchase.  In such cases, the club will have to pay for the purchase, and store the equipment off-site.  Reimbursements should be submitted within two (2) weeks of an item purchase or transaction.
Travel  Expenses

The University does not pay travel costs up front.  The club must pay for all travel costs in advance, and submit receipts with the Reimbursement Request form to the Rec Clubs office after travel has concluded. Reimbursement requests for travel must be submitted within two (2) weeks from the return of a trip.

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