Club Website Administration

What you need to know

All UW Registered Student Organizations are issued a website through the Student Activities Office.

Email Account Options when Registering a Club

RSOs wishing to create or renew an email/web account must indicate so when submitting their Online Registration. Two (2) Registered Users (RUs) are required in order to create or renew an email/web account.

Registered Users (RUs)
  • The Registered Users (RUs) are the two currently registered students who are assigned to the email/web account during online registration.
  • PLEASE NOTE: When officers change, the RSO Primary Officer will be prompted to update the RUs.
  • The RUs agree to be responsible for the proper use of the account according to UW Tech Policies.
  • The RUs will be notified via email with all pertinent account and access information when the account is created, renewed, or updated.
  • Only the RUs may contact UW Tech for any troubleshooting or questions.
  • Only the RUs are allowed to contact SAO or UW Tech regarding their assigned account.

The UW Information Technology URL Forwarding Services let you use a customized domain name for your website in order to advertise a short, relevant Web address. Setting up service requires approval and a UW budget number.

About URL Forwarding

URL forwarding lets you advertise an easy-to-remember Web address for your website, either one based on your own custom domain name or one within the hierarchy. When visitors use this address to go to your website, they are automatically redirected to your site’s real Web address, which is the address they see in their browser’s location field.

For example, if your website’s URL is:, visitors could enter: into the browser to see your site (the real URL,, would still show in the browser’s address bar).

At a minimum, all club websites should contain the following information:
  1. Basic information about your club
  2. Officer names and contact information
  3. Practice/meeting times and locations for the current quarter
  4. A schedule of upcoming events
  5. Reports/results on past events
  6. Pictures, or a link to a club photo gallery (such as Flickr or Picasa)
  7. A link to your roster