Rec Clubs Instructors and Guests

Instructor Agreements

At the direction of student club officers, all instructors must complete:

  1. Instructor Agreement
  2. Concussion Education Module

These documents must be on-file with the Rec Clubs Office BEFORE any activity is done or instruction given.

Instructors are defined as individuals who volunteer with a Club to teach and/or coach club members. Clubs may pay the instructor with their own private club funds; However, instructors are not regarded as an agent or employee of UW Recreation, the University of Washington, or the State of Washington. Under these circumstances, instructors are not covered under University liability or medical insurance. It is recommended that instructors carry liability and medical insurance for their own protection.  All instructors – whether paid by the club or volunteer – may be subject to a background check through UW Recreation each academic year.

Clubs may wish to consider the following in choosing instructors:

  • Prior instructional experience and technical knowledge of the activity
  • CPR and First Aid Training
  • Certification by a national governing body, if applicable
  • Safety awareness
  • Risk management experience

Instructors may not serve as club officers – or administer responsibilities of the club – unless they are a current student of the University of Washington.  The Rec Clubs office will not take requests/submissions from volunteer instructors, as it is the student club officers’ responsibility to administer all operations of each Club.

Club members, guests, or volunteers associated with a club may not facilitate educational classes, or camps without the approval of UW Recreation. Clubs’ use of departmental facilities and property are for the expressed purpose of activity, and/or structured practice, or events. Classes related to the club activity may be proposed, vetted and adopted by UW Recreation. In such cases, those classes shall be managed, scheduled, and monitored by UW Recreation staff.

Guest Access to the IMA Building

All Clubs are able to provide access to the IMA for a limited number of instructors and/or guests through Club IMA membership cards and a Club weekly pass list.

  • IMA Membership Cards –  Membership cards for IMA access will be issued only to those non-UW-affiliated guests who are current instructors for the club, and will be evaluated on a quarterly basis. The card can be used similarly to a Husky card, with access granted on any day of the week.  Each club will be issued a maximum of three (3) membership cards at any given time.  A Club officer must make a request for a card on behalf of a Club instructor.

  • IMA Guest Pass List – The weekly pass list will be used strictly for those non-UW-affiliated guests and/or instructors, who visit the club regularly for practice sessions; Entry will only be granted for the days that the Club has reserved practice time at an IMA facility.  Each club will have a maximum of five (5) individuals allowed on the pass list at any given time.  A Club officer must email the Rec Clubs office in order to make changes to the pass list.  View the IMA pass list.

  • IMA Key List – For those clubs who need access to IMA storage closets with club equipment, or access to Turf Field #1W, the Rec Clubs office maintains a list of five (5) club members who may check out a key from the Member Services area for the corresponding space.  A Club officer must email the Rec Clubs office in order to make changes to the key list.  View the key list for the IMA building, and the key list for Turf Field #3.