Refunds for Membership Fees require the approval of the Member Services Manager. The following are viable reasons for permitting Membership Fee refunds:

  • Termination of employment or withdrawal from class
  • Change in employment status: shift change, home department or job duties
  • Cancelled Sports, Mindfulness and Fitness class registration
  • Medical request: unable to use service, may include family medical leave
  • Exceptions: hardship special circumstances require the prior approval of the Associate Director, Facilities & Operations

Refunds for check transactions must be refunded by check.

Credit card refunds must be processed via credit card transaction credit.

Refunds will include that portion (prorated) of the State Retail Sales Tax based upon the tax rate charged at the time of purchase for those transactions where the tax was applied.

Refunds are permitted in accordance with the refund schedule, available at the Member Services Desk.


For payment by reoccurring bimonthly payroll deduction:

  • The payroll deduction must continue for at least one year from the date of purchase.
  • The membership and deductions will continue after the first year until a cancellation form is filled out at the IMA Member Services Desk or an email is sent to with your full name, employee ID number and date of cancellation.  There will be no refund and the deduction will be stopped according to our stop schedule.  An email confirmation will be sent once the stop has been processed.

For payment by one-time payroll deduction:

  • To receive a refund for an one-time payroll deduction, please fill out a refund form at the IMA Member Services Desk or email