Kickball League


Wanna feel like a kid again? Gather some friends together and sign up to play Kickball. It is essentially baseball using a playground ball instead of a baseball and bat. Competition consists of teams playing a three-week round robin schedule.  All teams without a forfeit will advance to a single elimination playoff. Leagues are offered for open teams. An open team consists of 10 players (no gender specific rules or player ratio requirements and is recreational in nature).  We will follow the WAKA governing body rules modified for our program.


$75.00 per team


Has been extended until Friday, April 13, 2018 @ 12:00pm


Tuesdays 4:00pm – 7:00pm.  Games are 5 innings or half hour in length. Teams should be prepared to play at any of these times.

Games begin April 17, 2018.



Team captains must register and pay for their team prior to the deadline at Changes to the roster must be made prior to the last Wednesday of the regular season before the start of playoffs at will be taken on-line on a first come first serve basis beginning March 19.  Rosters are limited to 20 per team.  Entries will be accepted after the deadline if space is available. The seeding of teams into the playoffs will be determined by league standings with various divisions tiered by win-loss records. Teams will be able to select their first round playoffs games on using staggered access to bracket based on your record. We will be using to manage the league.  

  • All current full-time matriculated UW Seattle students and anyone with an IMA membership are eligible. Membership information can be found here.
  • Outdoor Participation Membership available to current faculty/staff and summer students in lieu of a full IMA membership.  For more details go here.

Players may participate on only one open team. 

Check the Intramural Sports Handbook for additional eligibility requirements.


Kickball League


Intramural Handbook


The free agent program assists in helping individuals to become participants on teams even if they don’t know enough people on campus to form a team.  All it takes is signing up on a free agent roster on and attending the free agent meeting.


Thursday, April 12 4:00PM, MEETING ROOM 246, IMA Building. The meeting agenda will include the following topics: player eligibility, schedule information, protest procedures, rules review, and other important information that team captains are responsible for knowing. Team captains are asked to take the on-line quiz at covering program policies and league rules captains are responsible for knowing. Captains may elect to attend the meeting if they choose to. The meeting is expected to last 30-45 minutes.


Do not park in the Golf Driving Range Parking Lot while participating in intramural sports activities. You may park in lot E-1 or E-5 adjacent to the IMA fields, parking fees apply.


Open: No gender specific rules or player ratio requirements and is recreational in nature.


Members of the championship teams in each division will receive Intramural Championship T-shirts.