Recreation operates two pools on campus for use by patrons with a current IMA membership – the Pavilion Pool and the IMA Pool. You can sign up to make a reservation at the Pavilion Pool; however, the IMA Pool is currently closed due to construction.

The Pavilion Pool was built in 1938. It is 25 yards (75’) long by six 7’ lanes wide. It has 12’ depth at the starting block end and 4’ depth at the shallow end. The water temperature is maintained at 82 degrees. There is no chair lift or ramp entry at this location.

The IMA Pool was built in 1968. The lap area measures 25 yards long and is divided into four 7’ wide lanes and one 14’ wide lane. The lanes are 4’ deep at the shallow end and 8’ deep at the deep end. There are no starting blocks. There is an attached diving well that is approximately 30’ x 30’ and 12’ feet deep, with one three-meter variable fulcrum diving board. The water temperature is maintained at 80 degrees.


 Pavilion Pool Hours

**CLOSED due to a mechanical issue**

Mon.-Fri. Reservation only, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Sat. Closed
Sun. Reservation only, noon – 5:00 p.m.

Effective August 14, 2021, the University is requiring everyone, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a face covering indoors.

Everything is guided by the operational principles from the state’s guidelines, such as maintaining proper social distancing while exercising, wearing a cloth face covering, and maintaining limited building/facility capacity.

So, what can you expect? First, you are required to make a reservation to use the Pavilion Pool prior to each visit. If you cannot make your time block that you reserved, you are REQUIRED to cancel your reservation (penalties apply for not cancelling your reservation). You will also be required to sign a Facility Access Waiver BEFORE arriving to the facility the first time. See below for more information on how to make a reservation, how to cancel a reservation, and how to sign the waiver for facility access.

Upon arriving at the Pavilion Pool, you will be met by a greeter who will ask you a few questions, verify that you have made a reservation to use the pool and direct you where to go. The entrance is located on the east side of the building with large sliding doors. There will be signage and tape on the floor to help members know where to stand, which way to walk (if applicable) and identify the maximum occupancy in most spaces.

Members will be asked to swipe their own Husky Card/IMA membership Card to check in.

You must arrive at the Pavilion Pool during the time block of your reservation to check-in. If you arrive after your scheduled check-in time block, your reservation will be forfeited. If you arrive before your scheduled check-in time block, you may be asked to wait outside. Reservations can be made two days in advance.

We will be tracking individuals that do not show up for their reservation time block. If you do not show up for your reserved time block, you will be considered a ‘no-show’. Day-of cancellations are also not permitted. On the second ‘no-show’ or day of cancellation your IMA membership will be suspended for seven days. During the seven day membership suspension period, you forfeit any and all reservations made during this time. You will not be able to make any future reservations until your membership becomes active.

Please understand that when you do not show up and do not cancel your reservation, you are taking away an opportunity for a fellow student to utilize the Pavilion Pool. There are a limited number of spots available daily which have been filling up so if you make a reservation and cannot make your reservation, you are REQUIRED to cancel your reservation which you can do at any time after registering and up to 24 hours before your time slot begins. However, we ask you do so as far in advance as possible so others may sign up.

Rules for the Pavilion Pool:

  • There will only be two swimmers per lane allowed.
  • Reservation for the pool does not allow access to the rest of the facility.
  • Reservations will only be for 45 minutes.
  • Patrons must maintain six feet of distance at all times.
  • Patrons must BRING YOUR OWN TOWELS. Towels will not be provided at this time.
  • Patrons must wear a cloth face covering at all times, except when in the pool swimming.
  • Patrons will enter the pool area via the sliding red barn doors.
  • Patrons will be able to use the locker rooms area to change after their swim but there will be no showers available. The restrooms will also be available in the locker rooms as well.
  • Patrons will have the use of kickboards, pull buoys, and swim fins. Upon completion of their reservation patrons must leave their equipment in the appropriate cleaning stations.
  • Patrons should dress in workout attire/swimsuit and limit the number of items you bring with you. Please bring only what you need and remember to keep your personal items with you. Benches will be available for patrons to store items on the deck, labeled with numbers for your lane.
  • Please bring your own water bottle.  Water fountains will not be available.

To reserve a Pavilion Pool lane, follow the directions below.

  • Click here:
  • Click on the Pavilion Pool Access Reservations icon.
  • Log in using your UW NetID.
  • Click on the Pavilion Pool Lane icon (choose between Lanes #1 – 6 to make your reservation).
  • Select date.
  • Click Book Now on your preferred time slot.
  • A confirmation will be sent to your email on file (including a link to cancel your reservation if needed).

IMA Pool Hours

(Closed until further notice – construction)

Mon.-Fri. Closed
Sat. Closed
Sun. Closed