Recreation previously operated two pools on campus for use by patrons with a current IMA membership – the Pavilion Pool and the IMA Pool. The IMA Pool is currently closed due to construction; you can continue to check the IMA Locker Rooms & Pool Renovation Project page for updates on the construction project. Unfortunately, the Pavilion Pool has closed for good due to a catastrophic mechanical failure.

Historical Pool Information

The Pavilion Pool was built in 1938. It was 25 yards (75’) long by six 7’ lanes wide. It had 12’ depth at the starting block end and 4’ depth at the shallow end. The water temperature was maintained at 82 degrees. There was no chair lift or ramp entry at this location.


The IMA Pool was built in 1968. The lap area measured 25 yards long and was divided into four 7’ wide lanes and one 14’ wide lane. The lanes were 4’ deep at the shallow end and 8’ deep at the deep end. There were no starting blocks. There was an attached diving well that was approximately 30’ x 30’ and 12’ feet deep, with one three-meter variable fulcrum diving board. The water temperature was maintained at 80 degrees.