The UW Recreation Creative Team supports Recreation’s marketing, communications, outreach, and web needs. We’re here to ensure that the programs we offer reach the appropriate audiences with fast, accurate, and appealing deliverables.

Our team can assist you in many capacities, including the following areas: web and print design, social media marketing, wordsmithing, photography and video projects, and outreach. The Creative Team currently consists of a marketing and communications manager as well as several student assistants. Together, we support Recreation’s overall presence across platforms.

Please send any inquiries for press or media to Robin Brooks, Marketing & Communications Manager, at rebrooks[at]uw[dot]edu.

Need a project completed by the Creative Team? Please use our request form to let us know what you need. We will make every effort to complete your project in a timely manner. To do so, we ask that you submit your requests at least one month in advance when possible.

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Meet the students on the Creative Team

The UW Recreation Creative Team is led by our commitment to pushing the boundaries of our creative thinking to ensure our programmatic opportunities reach UW students and employees.

Conor Bradshaw

Digital Communications Lead

Once upon a time, as a baby-faced teen growing up in Ireland, I learned how to tell stories – here’s mine:

My name is Conor and I have at best, 60-ish years left to live. With that in mind, I spend all of my time at full throttle! I’ve spent the past 3 years living in Seattle, USA – exploring and learning how to produce kick-ass content for Fortune 100 Tech companies. It has been awesome.

Throughout 2021, I’ve backpacked across most of Europe and started Grad School at The University of Washington! I’ve been meeting some incredible people, gaining a deeper sense of perspective and am probably spending too much money on airplane tickets.

Shoot me an email if you’d like a postcard (or, if you have an opportunity in mind)!

.:: ::.

Ellie Petersen

Digital Communications Lead

Hi! I am Ellie Petersen, a Photo/Media senior in the School of Art. My interest in art is driven by experiential and layered approaches, discovering new techniques and ways to present them to others is an endless space to explore!

Beyond creative projects, I love trying new things, but you can typically find me paddle boarding, collecting rocks despite not knowing what they are, or stringing up a hammock.

Joy Guo

Graphic Designer

Joy is a Visual Communication Design senior who enjoys graphic design, illustration, and creative writing.




Pallavi Banerjee

Outreach Coordinator

Hi, I am Pallavi, a graduate student at the iSchool. A little about me: I am from Calcutta, India. I adore animals and binge watching Netflix. Other than this, you’ll probably find me spending my time trying to recreate some good old Indian recipes!


Punya Shetty

Web Management Lead

I am Punya Shetty. A curly-headed human from Bangalore, India. I am currently pursuing a 2-year Early Career MSIM program from the iSchool with a specialization in Data Science. I am originally from Mangalore but have moved around quite a bit. (Fun fact: I have changed a total of 7 schools and this has made me super adaptable).
Travel and food are the 2 things that get me uber excited. I don’t discriminate between beaches and mountains. Love them both dearly <3

I am passionate about trekking and running. I hope to run a full marathon in this lifetime. (Managed to complete 21K until now)

My favorite hobby is binge-watching TV shows, and I love meeting new people.

Saleh Alzughaibi


With heavy focus on filmmaking, Saleh uses his creative passion and skill to cut his way through various digital arts, namely, photography, graphic design, and motion graphics. Influenced by his outdoor-driven personality, his arts formulate a Pacific-Northwest inspired energy.



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