May 24, 2021

Exploring green spaces

A photo of collage of a person laying on a lawn reading, two women sitting in front of Denny Hall, people watching a sunset over Seattle, and people watching a sunset at the beach. The text reads: Volunteer Park, Denny Hall, Gas Works Park, Golden Gardens.

Enjoy the sun – or even the PNW mizzle – at one of the many outdoor spaces the city of Seattle, Rec, and the UW campus offer!

Intrepid Creative Team student photography lead Kaitlyn Confer went exploring over the past several weeks; here are some of her photos and reasons for visiting each location.

A photo collage of three photos of people enjoying park space: the first is of dramatic green lawn with a rusty building to the side, in the second, the lawn is less green and the same building is in the background; in the third, there's a green lawn with a lilac-colored sky behind it.

Gas Works Park (above)

Best things to do: watch the sun set over the Seattle skyline, or the sailboats glide on lake union, soak up the sun, fly a kite, or read a book.

A photo collage of people enjoying park settings: in the first photo a dramatic green landscape with a rusted building to the side; in the second, the grass is less green and the building takes more prevalence; in the third, a green lawn rests beneath a lilac-colored sky.

Volunteer Park in Capitol Hill

Great spot to throw a frisbee or play lawn games, or to grab some food and eat dinner in the park with friends. Check out 15th Avenue for lots of yummy options.

Photos of students enjoying the outdoor space of Denny Hall lawn. One photo is of a man working on a laptop; another shows the benches and people around the building; a third photos shows the paths running underneath the trees next to the hall.

Denny Lawn (Seattle campus)

Take a walk through campus and find a spot to chill out on Denny lawn. Excellent place to do some light studying and work on group assignments.

A collection of four photos of the beach; one shows a sailboat, one is a yellow sunset, one is of a campfire, and one is of two people under a blue twilight sky and crescent moon.

Golden Gardens Park
Get there early and grab a spot with a fire pit. Bring a ball and play some beach volleyball with friends or walk along the beach. Watch the sun set on the Olympics.