March 17, 2021

Winter Intramurals highlights announced

A team member of Teriyaki Donut dressed in Hawaiian attire sits at the Hedges Waterway Park.

A team member of Teriyaki Donut says “aloha” at the Fritz Hedges Waterway Park.

During the winter quarter our Intramurals program offered a variety of in-person and virtual opportunities for students and staff members. Learn more about these challenges and the champs who participated in them below!

Scavenger Hunt League

Ten teams participated in the Scavenger Hunt League which took place on the UW Campus. Teams were given two clues each week which led to a specific location on campus. After deciphering the clues, teams traveled to the location to take a team photo. Points were awarded to teams based on accuracy and creativity of their photos.

The Open Division Champion for this challenge was Teriyaki Donut. Some of the most creative photos submitted are found throughout this piece!

Participants feign running from a dinosaur at the Burke Museum.

The Boogie Plants barely avoid getting eaten at the Burke Museum.

Chess Board Game Tournament 

Twelve teams participated in this virtual board game tournament. All games were self-scheduled by the participants and played on the website. Participants played three pool play games. Playoffs consisted of a single elimination bracket.

The Open A Division Champion was Tom Ruffin, and the Open B Division Champion was Albert Wang. Congratulations!


Virtual trivia was hosted every other Tuesday night during the winter term. Themes ranged from sports and movies to “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?”  Winners from each night were awarded an Intramural Champ T-shirt. A trivia grand champion was deemed after tallying up total points across all five trivia nights.

The Open Division Champion for trivia was Ethan Benson. Way to go!

Month of Movement

Members of Team Beaulieu pose with The Big W

Team Beaulieu locates the The Big W!

Participants had the month of February to complete the movement challenge they signed up for: Cascade 25 mile, Olympic 50 mile, and Rainier 100 mile. Participants could achieve their distance however they saw fit over the course of the month.  Any type of movement would count towards their miles, such as hiking, running, walking, rolling, biking, etc.  Additionally, participants met every Thursday night to learn about all things trail running from our experts at UWild.”

Congratulations to Olympic 50 Mile Challenge Finishers Anna Tomz and Diana Douglass.

Members of the team The Finding Fathers pose with a box of Life cereal at the Sylvan Grove Theater.

The Finding Fathers enjoying Life (cereal) at the Sylvan Grove Theater.

Husky Strava Challenge 

Each week a new movement challenge was released (i.e. complete a 5k your way, stair workout, etc.) Participants would complete the challenge and record their participation on the UW Recreation – Intramurals Strava Club page. Intramurals tracked participation and awarded prizes each week. Shout-out to the participants of this challenge!

Women’s Division participants: Anna Tomz, Caitlin Neher, Sarah, Crumrine, Sarah & Ketchley

Men’s Division participants: Viswa Virinchi Muppirala

Thanks to everyone who participated in Intramurals this quarter. We hope you had fun, stayed active, and enjoyed our challenges!