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Husky Leadership Initiative Leadership Firesides offer ongoing opportunities for students to engage in meaningful dialogue with a diverse range of civic, corporate and campus leaders in an informal setting. These leaders share their personal journeys and perspectives on leadership and become momentary mentors for students attending the event. The Firesides are a way for students to learn more about and reflect on leadership and build their leadership competence and confidence.

Students:  Sign up to take the 1-credit Leadership Firesides course in Winter 2020! Registered students will attend the weekly Firesides sessions, participate in an introductory session (Week 1) and a closing session (Week 10) and submit weekly written reflections.  Course details:

GEN ST 391I | SLN: 21722

Thursdays 4:30-5:30 p.m.

MGH 134 (Career & Internship Center lobby)

Check out the Leadership Fireside 2020 speaker list!

Firesides Highlights

Get a glimpse of the inspiring leaders that have joined us for Leadership Firesides in the past by listening to audio clips from the 2018 Firesides or view videos of previous Fireside speakers.

Hear inspiration through audio from the 2018 Firesides here

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Starbucks is dedicated to the development of student leaders and proud to be a presenting sponsor of the Leadership Firesides.