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HLI project committees

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We believe that collaboration amongst the many leadership development and education efforts across campus will collectively strengthen our ability to make leadership education more accessible, explicit and comprehensive.  Through HLI project committees, dedicated faculty and staff members help guide HLI’s work while developing content and providing support for key programming efforts.  HLI 2019-2020 project committees include:

HLI Project Committee Descriptions

fireside photo 2Leadership Firesides

Leadership Firesides present students with the opportunity to participate in smaller, dynamic conversations with a diverse range of civic, corporate and campus leaders in an informal setting. Community leaders share their personal journeys and perspectives on leadership and become momentary mentors for students attending the event. Leadership Firesides aim to identify opportunities for partnerships and co-sponsorships with campus departments and student organizations.

The Leadership Firesides project committee coordinates the 2019-2020 conversation series, which take place during winter 2020 on Thursdays from 4:30-5:30 p.m.  Specific committee responsibilities include:

  • Identify potential speakers for Leadership Firesides series.
  • Publicize Leadership Firesides series and recruit student participants to enroll in the affiliated GEN ST 391 course.
  • Support Firesides logistics, including participant check-in process.
  • Read and provide feedback on student reflection essays (for students receiving academic credit).

Committee timeline:  The Leadership Firesides committee convenes in early fall 2019 through winter quarter 2020.  Time commitment is ~15 hours spread out over this timeline.


Husky Leadership Certificate

The Husky Leadership Certificate is a capstone experience for UW students to reflect upon their leadership development and articulate their understanding to a larger audience. Through the creation of a leadership e-portfolio, students identify, understand, define, articulate and demonstrate their leadership growth and accomplishments. To maximize their learning, students are matched with leadership mentors who help students reflect upon and give voice to their learning.

The Husky Leadership Certificate project committee oversees the overall administration of the 2019-2020 certificate process. Specific committee responsibilities include (please note committee members may choose which of these role(s) to focus on):

  • Publicize call for student applications in fall 2019.
  • Select students for the 2019-2020 cohort and host orientation sessions.
  • Recruit faculty, staff, community mentors and match mentors and mentees.
  • Host orientation sessions and meetings for mentees and mentors.
  • Participate in feedback process in winter quarter class and spring portfolio final review.
  • Support final presentations through small group interviews and public presentation sessions.

Committee timeline: The Husky Leadership Certificate committee convenes beginning early fall 2019  through spring 2020.  Time commitment is ~20 hours spread out over this timeline.  Prior experience as a HLC mentor is preferred.