Husky Leadership Initiative

Guiding philosophy and approach

The following overarching principles guide our work:

  • Leadership can be taught and grows out of experience, practice and reflection.
  • Leadership is not about position; everyone can engage in leadership. Therefore, HLI ensures that leadership education reaches and is accessible to a broad student population that honors diverse leadership perspectives and forms of engagement.
  • Students are partners and co-creators of the university experience. Therefore, HLI engages and empowers students in the visioning and implementation of its strategies.
  • Collaboration amongst the many leadership education efforts across campus is critical for knowledge generation, student learning and organizational functioning. Therefore, HLI convenes and promotes communication and collaboration between campus offices and departments in order to coordinate efforts, share resources and strengthen the UW’s ability to cultivate student leadership.
  • Our community partners are our co-educators. Therefore, HLI develops meaningful partnerships with alumni and community leaders to foster students’ learning and leadership development.