Husky Leadership Initiative

October 19, 2015

Apply now to be a part of the 2015-2016 Husky Leadership Certificate cohort!

The Husky Leadership Initiative certificate program is looking for the next cohort of students. Are you a third, fourth or fifth year student? If so, you may want to consider this unique opportunity!

By completing a Husky Leadership Certificate, you’ll be able to articulate what you’ve learned from your UW experiences and why these experiences matter. You’ll document your leadership knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors through an e-portfolio and reflect on your growth and development as a leader. Why does that matter? If you think you might apply for graduate school, a fellowship, or a job, then you’ll be expected to write and talk about how you got to be who you are.

You’ll work with an assigned faculty, staff, or alumni mentor throughout the academic year who will be a guide and sounding board through the process. All HLC participants are required to take a 1-credit leadership portfolio course (either online or in-person) to support the developmental process. All students who finish the Leadership Certificate will present their developments during the spring quarter.

Questions? Email us at